11 Benefits Of Taking A Cold Shower

I used to be just like you. I loved taking extra long hot showers in the morning. But that was before I was introduced to the benefits of taking a cold shower.

Before you decide that cold showers are not for you, or if you can’t stand the cold water, hear me out.

Taking a cold shower in the morning improves the health or our body and mind. It is crazy to think that something that most of us do every day (shower) has the power to improve our lives for the better.

However, before I inform you about the benefits, I want you to understand that taking a cold shower is easier than it sounds.

Let me share with you how you can too.

Cold Water Showers For Beginners

Male taking a cold shower


A sudden leap from hot water showers to cold water showers is not recommended. It is nearly impossible, and actually unhealthy. I know because I have tried it before.

The very first time I had heard from a friend that cold showers could be good for your health, I decided I was going to jump into the shower the next morning and start with cold water. It did not go so well for me.

The reason for this is that your bodies are so used to the warm water we shower in every day that the cold shocks our brain into wanting to go back to our soothing, comfortable temperature when showering.

So the second time around I took my approach slowly. By easing your way into a cold shower setting throughout several days, you will be more likely to adapt.

Here is the recommended approach, that has worked for many and myself included.

  1. Hot water is ok, to begin with.
  2. Take your time no need to rush and feel pressured.
  3. Now when you are feeling ready slowly turn the handle towards the cold side (how far you go is up to you and how much cold you can tolerate, but I wouldn’t recommend jumping to the coldest setting right away.)
  4. After you are on that cool, chilly, or cold setting, aim to shower in that condition for at least a minute.
  5. Then once you are done, get out of the shower and go enjoy your day.

I used these steps to help me overcome my fear of cold showers.

Every single day becomes easier than the last. I encourage you to turn the handle a little closer towards the coldest setting and aim to shower for a longer period of time. As days go by you will start to get more adjusted to the temperature, and eventually, you will be able to jump into cold water instinctually.

What I want you to do is, make a goal. A goal to take your first cold shower, a goal to commit to taking cold showers. Most importantly make a goal of committing to cold showers for at least 30 days, I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.

1. Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has fears. Often times our fears hold us back from achieving our goals. Achieving those goals starts with breaking out of your comfort zone.

But how does taking a cold shower help me get out of my comfort zone?

Because for many of you, you will be throwing yourself into the vein of discomfort, cold water, and you will be learning to embrace it.

The more you push out of your comfort zone and take on the tasks you fear, the more confident you become as a person. This confidence can be used throughout any aspect of life, allowing you to have enough courage to do what you want to do in life.

I was so surprised when I found out cold showers had this much power, and I am also glad to say it is true. Thanks to cold showers I was able to go out there in the real world and land a job that very few people get hired for. This is mostly because I was not intimidated by the competition and I had confidence in my abilities.

It is crazy to think that so many people out there have the capacity of doing so many great things but are limited because they fear what is on the outside.

Even has far back as high school, cold showers allowed me to get rid of my fear of tackling when I played football. During my freshman year this was one of the biggest things that scared me in life, and every day I would try to find an answer until I figured out about cold showers. It allowed me to go from being a two-hand touch kid to a tackling machine.

This reaped, even more, benefits throughout my football career in high school as I was able to move up to junior varsity and eventually varsity.

Check out this video by Improvement Pill to know even more.

2. Start Your Morning Feeling Energized

Energized female jumping up

Waking up can be a pain for many, this might be due to a bad sleep cycle, laziness, etc. everyone is different.

However, I do know that more people have a hard time waking up and getting ready for the day. To me, the morning is the most important time of my day.

Why? Because if my morning doesn’t go well, chances are I’m in for a day that won’t go well.

Energy also plays a huge factor in many people’s lives. If we are all dull, down, and out of energy, where is all the excitement going to come from?

Nothing gets the mind and body going in the morning like the splash of cold water.

For me, every time I shower in cold water when I get out I feel so energized and empowered. My eyes are wide awake and fully open, I start paying attention to the small details we often tend to ignore. This FREE and NATURAL increase in energy gives me the confidence to approach life with optimism.

The energy I get from a cold shower has allowed me to phase out caffeinated and sugary substances, such as coffee, sodas, and energy drinks, as my form of energy. If you would like to stop drinking coffee, an excellent substitute is Dandy Blend.

I am grateful for cold showers because there are so many harmful drinks out there that provide little energy and end up leaving you with less energy than you began with.

Now that you know how to access free energy, do you really want to keep starting every morning like a zombie?

3. Improves Your Immune System

Human immune system

I am pretty sure that no one enjoys being sick. For those that are like me and DON’T enjoy illnesses cold showers can be a great form of natural medicine.

I often hear the myth that showering in cold water will make you sick, well this is NOT TRUE. Let me tell you why in a broad sense, cold showers are one of the healthiest ways to regulate our internal temperatures thus improving our immune system.

Allow me to put all your questions to rest.

According to one study done in 2007 by the Virginia Commonwealth University, researchers have found that people who take cold showers are more likely to have extra white blood cell counts and T helper cells than those who don’t.

Another study by the Thrombosis Research Institute in 1993, found that humans who indulged in cold water when showering daily had a higher number of illness-fighting white blood cells when compared to people who had hot water showers. This shock in temperature helps to boost your immune system and release more white blood cells because your body is trying to keep you warm.

4. Increases That Metabolism 

Metabolism burning list

Losing weight can be very hard for many, and having a healthy metabolism rate is a key factor in burning your fat. Believe it or not showering in cold water actually, helps to boost your metabolic rate. Crazy, right?

For those who are unaware, our body is made up of two types of fats, brown fat, and white fat. To find out more about these fats, click here.

It is white fat that you should be frowned on.

Reasons, why people with immense amounts of white fat are in danger, is because it stimulates diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and other metabolic diseases.

In fact, you should work to change that white fat into brown fat.

Why? Because our bodies use brown fat to develop heat in order to keep us warm.

Thanks to brown fat when you shower in cold water, you are boosting your metabolism rate which results in you burning more calories, and ultimately help you lose more fat. In fact, researchers have found that “exposure to chilly temperatures caused a 15-fold increase in the metabolic rate of brown fat.”

However, keep in mind this does not mean taking long showers in cold water will amplify these findings.

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5. Improves Blood Circulation

human body blood circulation

Having a good circulation of blood is imperative. By providing us with oxygen throughout our organs and brain, a good circulation is what keeps our body working.

When humans experience cold temperatures, our blood spreads to all of the organs to keep us warm. On the other hand, hot showers instead move our blood to our skin, I will elaborate on this later.

Switching the temperature from hot to cold multiple times during the duration of one shower is an excellent way to improve your blood circulation. This is critical in order to have good cardiovascular health.

However, I do not recommend beginners try this, instead, stick to adapting your body to cold water first before you try that method.

6. Healthier Skin And Hair

Women with healthy skin and hair

Many people believe in feeling good and looking good. However not everyone does, and if you are one of those people that rather look good than feel good, this is just another reason why you should be showering in cold water.

So there is no need to go out to a spa and spend a ton of money on expensive services when you can take free cold showers at home.

Our skin is packed with a lot of natural oils, and cold water is an excellent way to preserve those oils, the same is true with your hair.

On top of that, your hair will be healthier, stronger, and shinier, this is because the grip of your follicles to the scalp is improved. Being said, there is no need to enhance your hair by harming it using products like hair sprays, and gels.

This also brings me back to what I said earlier about the impacts hot water has on your skin and hair, it dries them out. So a perfect solution for itchy and ashy skin is cold temperature showers.

If you are someone that really cares about the outside appearance of your body, you now know what can help with that.

Personally, I can honestly say my skin is more vibrant than ever now, and I do not use any special creams or lotions to help my skin. Also, I used to experience a lot of hair loss due to high amounts of stress, and I no longer have that problem.

Though it may not be one hundred percent due to low-temperature showers, I do know those showers play a huge role in my health changes.

7. Helps To Reduce Stress

Male stressing out

People deal with stress every day, and some stress is good to have. However, immense amounts of stress can have detrimental impacts on our body and mind.

In a way, the showers have allowed my mind to relax and take my mind off the little things that used to bother me but added to the stress I already had.

There are so many factors out there that are not worth stressing over yet people still do. By factoring out those small instances, you will end up feeling better and less overwhelmed.

One study has found that the reason why the showers work is due to exposure to cold temperatures which boosts your glutathione levels and lowers your uric acid levels, resulting in less stress.

I don’t know about you but I hate stressing over small unnecessary things, and I am sure that many people can agree with this.

8. Helps To Relieve Depression

Women dealing with depression

Depression is a serious mental disorder that many people suffer with, knowing that cold showers can actually contribute to reducing depression is huge.

Noradrenaline is an organic chemical that is used to treat many problems such as heart failure, low blood pressure, and even depression.

Researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine conducted a study to put this claim to the test.

By taking cold showers “the blue spot” in our brain is activated, and this is the biggest source of noradrenaline that our brain produces. The chemical is known to allay the symptoms of depression.

We experience electroshocks when showering in cold temperatures to our brain, because of this a cold shower sends an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from the peripheral nerve endings to our brain, which could result in helping to treat depression.

9. Helps Sore Muscles Recover Faster

I remember the very first time I had started to actually workout and push myself to grow my muscles, it was PAINFUL.

In the hour that I was with my trainer, after I was done I could barely move or go down the steps, this was even worse because I had to ride my bike home that day.

It is normal to have soreness in your muscles when you step up your workouts to extraordinary levels, haven’t done weight lifting in a long time, or if you are a beginner to weight lifting.

One of the biggest things you can do to remedy that soreness is rest, but this takes a long time, in order to speed up the process you can take cold water showers.

It is no wonder why many athletes take ice cold baths after their practice or a game because it has been proven to help relieve that soreness.

Although cold showers are not as effective as ice baths, the shower will, like I mentioned improve your blood circulation, thus reducing the amount of lactic acid in you.

An excellent way to practice this method is by alternating from hot to cold water every minute or two for at least five times. This will decrease your recovery time, and give you more time to be free from the soreness of an effective workout.

10. Increase In Testosterone And Fertility (for men)

Yes, cold showers will increase your testosterone and fertility.

During the shower itself, testosterone levels will elevate, and they will sustain throughout the day. It is commonly thought of as a myth, but it is true. The cold water reacts with testicles and hormones to optimally raise testosterone.

If you are looking to boost your testosterone for any reason, turn that shower handle toward the cold side. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it will help you increase your testosterone to desired levels.

I personally don’t have any experience with this function since I have never had any issues with low testosterone, but I can maintain my hormonal health by taking cold showers.

If you are looking to boost your performance in the weight room, or in other ventures in life, you will need testosterone if you are a male. Enduring the bitterness of a cold shower will toughen you up while raising your testosterone.

In turn, the cold showers will also help increase sperm count, making you more fertile. If you and your wife are looking for a solution to increased fertility, cold showers may be able to assist you.

Overall, cold showers can be just as much of a boost to your sexual health as it can be to your physical and mental health. All of which are necessary to maintain a healthy life and having a healthy partnership.

11. Cold Showers Can Help You Sleep Better 

person sleeping in bed drawing

Finally, cold showers can be just as helpful at ending your day as it can with starting it. If you are looking to have a better sleep, look to take a cold shower an hour before. The cold water will help to trigger sleep signals in your body and bring you to a relaxing resting period.

If you are looking to have a better sleep, look to take a cold shower an hour before. The cold water will help to trigger sleep signals in your body and bring you to a relaxing resting period.

Now, this may sound counterintuitive as before we stated that the cold showers will help energize you, but the time of day in which you take your shower matters.

Yes, a cold shower will energize you if you have yet to begin your day, but toward the end of your day your body is generally more depleted of energy and a cold shower will bring you down to a sleepy state.

Isn’t that great? This is a great way to stop using sleep medicine if you have a hard time falling asleep.

For me, I always manage to sleep better after a cold shower. I don’t do it every night as too much showering is bad for your skin, but on nights where I have a hard time falling asleep I will take a brief cold shower, and it always soothes me and makes me fall asleep better.

Not only does it help me fall asleep better but I typically wake up feeling better rested on nights after a cold shower.

Now that it is summertime and the weather is getting hotter, a cold shower will feel much nicer in contrast to the hot summer sun.

Use it to your advantage to help your sleep cycle.

Are You Ready?

Listen I know these showers can be scary, and they suck, but that is not a valid reason as to why you shouldn’t be showering in cold water. I hope you realize this.

Doing something that is uncomfortable is the best way to grow our overall as human beings. I can honestly say the showers have left me feeling great, healthier, and allowed me to become a more confident person in society.

However, do not feel pressured into doing this if you don’t believe you are ready to.

After all, this is supposed to help improve your life not make it worse.

At the same time, I do not recommend people with these problems try this:

  • Heart problems. This is because even people with healthy hearts experience a shock due to cold temperatures, and this shock can be very dangerous for someone with heart problems.
  • High blood pressure. When humans are exposed to cold water our blood vessels contract, this contraction can lead to a stroke for those with high BP problems.
  • If you are experiencing a fever or are overheated. This is because cold water will constrict the vessels when instead you should be dilating the vessels so you can release heat.

So what are you waiting for?

Comments below and let me know your thoughts and any questions you might have, always happy to help.

Now before you leave, don’t forget to…

Become Better At Being You.


  1. That is so interesting. What an informative article on the benefits of cold showers. I can see a cold shower waking you up, but a cold shower before bed? I’ll have to try that!

  2. I heard that cold showers are very healthy but did not realize how they really are until I read this post.
    Well, let me tell you I love my warm (no actually HOT) shower in the morning. But I also have trouble to fall asleep so it is great to know that changing my habit of taking hot showers towards cold showers can improve my sleep as well as bringing me some other health benefits. I will try the transition actually today.
    Thank you for the tips!

  3. You have opened me up to considering the possibility of slowly working my way up to a cold shower, something I always thought was never going to happen. I can understand how a cold shower could wake you up in the morning, but I’m really surprised to read that it can help relax you and prepare you for sleep at night. And the slow and steady suggestion is doable – if you’d said just don’t turn the hot on at all there’s no way I’d do it! Thanks for sharing.

    • Glad you enjoyed and yes cold showers do help you sleep better, hope you give them a try Angela.

  4. Very interesting. I started taking part of my shower cold recently to help preserve my hair color, but I had no idea of all these other benefits. When you say cold though, do you mean dead cold, or cool with a little bit of hot water mixed in? I don’t think I’m ready to let go of the hot tap just yet!

    • Hey, Shirley, I would recommend you start slowly like I mentioned it is not wise to jump straight to the coldest setting, however, work towards that setting throughout time. Many people are not ready to let go of hot water showers. You are not alone, that is why take it slowly, and you will be fine.

  5. I grew up taking cold water showers, and being so used to it the water never felt cold. It is such a refreshing shower. I had no idea that there were benefits of cold showers. I lived in a warm climatic area so there was no need for warm water. Now that I have migrated to a country with different seasons, I use warm water showers during winter. Is it safe to alternate cold and warm water in the shower? My friend does that all the time.

    • Hi Carol, like I mentioned above in the post, I do not recommend beginners to alternate from hot to cold you should first try to adapt to the cold. Hope this helps.

  6. I never knew all the benefits of cold showers. I’m surprised cold showers help you relax and just before bed really surprises me. Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi.
    Great article! I used to take cold showers throughout all the years I had been traveling, but more because, where I had been there was no hot shower available. It goes really quick to adjust to that. Thank you for reminding me of this and gaining awareness about how easy it is to become the person you want to be is sooooo easy! I will change my shower habits back to this. I agree with all points — well — I have no clue about point 10 ;).

  8. I LOVE my hot showers. The hotter the better. But in the summer, when it’s sweltering out, I have often turned it to cold at the end for the last minute or so and it does definitely leave me feeling refreshed and reenergized! Great post. You have lots of valid points here and I am going to commit to trying cold showers more often thanks to you. 🙂

  9. As a long time swimmer, I absolutely hated taking a cold shower in the morning before a workout. I have used the start warm and work your way to cold, and it really works. Getting out of a cold shower feels great. You are energized and ready to go. Thanks for the info on the health benefits, most of which I didn’t know. I’m ready to take the plunge.

  10. I used to do cold showers a long time ago. I stopped doing it especially in summer time because I felt that a cold shower caused me to sweat more. The reason might be that after a cold shower you perceive the temperature in your environment higher than after a warm shower. Any idea on this?

    • Yes, Juan, you do feel a chance in temperature. However, you must realize everyone feels a change in temperature after a hot or cold shower, this is normal and temporary, not something the should discourage you.

    • It is ok to take it slowly Daniel, you will adapt to the water as time goes by.

  11. I like the humor in your article and this is an interesting idea. A cold shower is definitely something I should work on.

  12. Never know taking a cold shower could help me sleep or that it has so many benefits. Healthier Skin And Hair is another benefit that got my attention. Normally going to the spa and cleaning your face with warm water is the norm but i am happy to see that cold water can also help.This article is an eye opener for me. It may take a while for me to try this (to be completely honest) but its definitely worth trying.

    • Happy you hear you will give it a try, and it is ok if it takes some time, no need to rush.

  13. I would of never guessed that a cold shower would be healthy, in fact far from it. I am such a hot shower kind of person but after reading this article I am actually going to try it!! Wish we luck that I can endure the cold 😉

  14. Hi Deep
    Very interesting piece on cold showers.
    I read that Eugene sandow the old time strongman was a strong advocate of taking a cold bath after his morning exercise.
    I workout in the morning and I’m working towards colder and colder showers afterwards just as you suggest.
    It’s certainly very invigorating after exercise.
    Very good post cheers.

    • Thank you for the insight on Eugene Sandow I wasn’t aware of him, also glad you are giving the showers a try, and glad you enjoyed.

  15. The idea of taking a cold shower is as difficult to think about as the actual act. I am retired and often have low energy days, so I am wondering if this would help. Our ancestors did not have hot water, so it might be instinctual to to try this. I am comfortable gradually reducing the temperature. I will see how this goes.

    • This will help you feel more energized like I mentioned Judy, and it is ok to take it slowly there is nothing wrong with that.

  16. Wow, I’d heard about muscle recovery after a workout, but I had no idea there were so many benefits of cold showers. I’m not a fan of them, but it sounds like it’s worth trying again (gradually)! Thanks for this very informative post!

  17. Deep – All these days I used to take a hot bath first and then, at last, a few of cold shower this is my routine. But from your post, I come to know the benefits of taking a full cold shower – And you explained briefly on how to get used to it slowly. I’m definitely going to try this and suggest others based on the outcome. Is there any side effects taking cold shower definitely there should be one or is it nothing at all? Good post and keep writing. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Manasir, pleased to see you will give cold showers a try. Answering your question, I personally have not experienced any side effects of taking a cold shower. Cold showers are safe, you will not get sick, and over time you will become more adapted to them. That is why I love them so much, they are very healthy, and more people should be taking cold showers. Hope this helps.

  18. I never knew that about cold showers! I like to take showers before I sleep, so the question I had reading the rest of the article go resolved. Yay! I will definitely be starting to transition to cold showers from now on. The only problem? Getting my roommates to not flush the toilet and steal all my water!

    • Happy to hear Michelle as for the problem with your roommates I wish you the best of luck.

  19. I am a HOT shower person, but after reading this I may have to start turning down the water temperature! Thank you for this great informative article.

  20. Dang dude, I was about to be critical of you, but then I read more and remembered times that I HAD to take a cold shower. It all makes sense. Those times I HAD to, I was was extremely invigorated and it felt soooo dang good when it was over!

    • Glad to see you have experienced the benefits of cold showers first handed Steve.

  21. I had never really thought simply changing temperatures in my showers could have such health benefits! Thanks for the info! Do hot showers have any positive effects for our health at all or do different temperatures have different positive effects for our health?

    • For sure both hot and cold showers have positive effects, many of the benefits are similar but none are the same each side of the temperature has different positive benefits. Jake, I hope to be writing a post on the benefits of hot showers in the future, hope this helps if you have any other questions feel free to let us know.

  22. Very interesting. I was once informed about how taking cold showers can be beneficial. I think I’ll give that try before bed tonight and before work in the morning.

  23. Not surprised at these benefits! I have discovered that using cold water on my face several times a day can help relieve my migraines for some of the same reasons. Now that the weather is warm I’m starting to adjust to cooler showers and cold at the end. Having POTS Syndrome I have to be careful of hot showers because they make my heart rate go too high so this may be helpful over time! Thanks!

    • No problem Angela, always happy to help, and if you have questions in the future don’t hesitate to let me know.

  24. I agree with these benefits! I’ve never been a fan of warm showers and it’s also been scientifically proven that cold showers give you a brief boost in brain activity and cognitive alertness, especially in the morning. It’s a real ‘wake-up!’ call, so why not do it every day?

  25. I could see how taking cold showers could be beneficial to overall health. We come from water. Probably very cold ocean water. 60% of the human body is water. Why am I having a problem with the concept of me taking cold showers? LOL. I really should give it a try.

    • It is hard in the beginning Tony. It was for most people and me, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking cold showers. Like I mentioned slowly work your way into the coldest setting, and take your time no need to rush. I believe in you if that helps because just like you I to was afraid in the beginning, but now I am glad fear didn’t define me. Hope this helps to encourage you.

  26. Hey, first of all, thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on the benefits of taking a cold shower.
    Wow, there really are many benefits! I had heard before that taking cold showers would be good for you, but the fact that it is so good for you really blew me away. I will definitely end my showers cold from now on.

    • Thanks, Los, pleased to see you enjoyed the post and found it to be helpful.

  27. I have heard cold showers were beneficial. I didn’t realize they are beneficial in so many way. Thanks for all this information, I believe I will step out of the box.

    • Great news to hear Lolita, happy for you, the first step is often the hardest, but definitely, achievable.

  28. Thanks for the great info. I had been taking cold showers after running because I was in such bad shape I needed it to be able to walk the rest of the day. Since I’ve gotten in better shape I stopped, but now I’m thinking I need to go back to it.

    • Yea cold showers are an excellent way to cool off after a nice workout, or playing (basketball) outside in a hot temperature day. You should give cold showers another try. They are worth it Hazel.

  29. Wow, I knew cold showers could be good for your hair but I had no clue how many benefits it actually has. I love trying new things that are good for you so looks like this is next on my list! Thank you for the great article 🙂

  30. Well, just yesterday my boyfriend and I were arguing over the fact that cold showers can do all these things. I guess I was wrong and he was right…. they are THAT beneficial I guess lol thanks for posting and settling our debate haha! nice work and great post

    • Happy I could both inform you with the correct information and was able to help out your debate with your boyfriend.

  31. This is such an important post! Cold showers ARE so good for you, but such hard work. It’s awesome to see all the research behind why they’re good, alongside your encouraging tone. I will get back on the wagon!

  32. I can REALLY resonate with number 9! After track practice in Highschool I had to walk to my mothers work (from there we went home) Those walks after a HARD sprint day did me in real good. I would see black dot in my eye while walking like a brain dead zombie. I had to walk up the stairs to get to her work door and got stuff because of a major hamstring cramp.. had to call her for help lol I was way to afraid of taking cold baths/showers or anything back then. If I knew that would fix the problem I defeinelty would of done that. Will plan that for the future! Thanks for the tips!

    • No problem Cut, yep I too have a similar experience as you, but the cold showers did help and continue to help me today.

  33. Interesting article. Like some of the other women have already commented, my hair stylist has long encouraged me to use cold water in the shower to preserve my hair color.

    It’s not as bad as everyone thinks!

    I was surprised to read that people with fever should not take a cold shower or bath – that is usually my go-to thing when I am running a fever. Now I know better! Thanks for an informative article.

    • Yea, unfortunately, taking a cold shower when you have a high fever will not help you as I mentioned in the post, and yes you should listen to your hair stylist, and now you know why. Glad you enjoyed the post, Anika.

  34. Wow, thanks for this insightful information. I honestly did not know that cold showers had any benefit. I will definitely try one now, easing my way into it! Look at that, learn something new every day! Thanks.

  35. I have read quite a few articles on this and I will admit I have not totally embraced it…till now. I understood the whole get over your fears thing but the other attributes you listed gives me more vigor for this type of action and I will be sure to embrace more heartily now. thank you for sharing this.

    • Means a lot that you say that Brent thank you for the kind words, pleased to see you enjoyed the post greatly.

  36. I actually did this out of necessity when my water heater broke down. I took cold showers for, wait for it.. 2 MONTHS, lol.

    I actually got so used to it that I didn’t want to do it any other way. Just like you said, your mornings are so energized and you feel full of life!

    Great post! Brings back memories, lol. Thanks!

    • Crazy you had to go two months without a water heater Eric, but glad you were able to take those cold showers without fear, now you reap the benefits of taking a cold shower which is great.

  37. Are you kidding? A COLD shower?
    I have to admit these are not my favorite thing!
    After reading about the benefits of a cold shower, I will have to try it.

    • Yea cold showers aren’t what most people prefer, but they are worth it, and I am glad you realize that Clyde.

  38. Amazing. What an informative post. Who would have thought? Now that I think about it, yes, hot morning showers don’t really wake you up.

    Do you recommend taking cold showers even in the winter, or is this just something for the summer months?

    • Hey, Ben, I would say that is up to your preference and toleration, I personally do take cold showers in the winter as well because the temperature around me doesn’t get very cold, and I understand some people have very cold winters so it is up to them.

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