5 Ways Exercise Can Make You Better At Work

Are you and your employees unhappy with your performance at work? Do you get negative auras from your co-workers? Do you feel like sometimes you don’t have the energy to fulfill your duties as expected? These are just 5 ways that have helped me feel better at work.

A career change can be a difficult decision to make, so sometimes as working people, we must look to fix these problems internally. Quitting is easy, but dealing with the fallout of a lost job can prove to be life altering. But learning to overcome the obstacles in your career will lead to self-fulfillment and experience that is valued by both yourself, your peers and your superiors.

Our physical form plays a part in how we function. Even our minds are dependent on our physical wellbeing, just as much as our other organs. Enhancing your physical form can elevate any facet of your work performance.

Who you are and what you can do all starts internally, and you can start to amaze yourself with how much better you can be at your job with just a little more exercise.

1. Endurance

Women showing endurance

Working is hard. No matter what you do, or how long you’ve been doing it you have probably come to at least one moment in your career that had you deflated. 

If you are having trouble staying awake at work, you can also check out these tips.

For a regular nine to five person, it is the dreadful three o’clock dead period, a time perfectly far enough from both your lunch break and quitting time. A time when every minute, every second feels at least three times longer than it did this morning, and those last couples hours become a valley of mental fatigue.

And for those that have the misfortune of even longer shifts, or in some cases multiple jobs, every hour can feel like the three o’clock hour.

It’s called the daily grind for a reason, and we will likely live with it until the day we retire or civilization fails (in which case we will have an entirely new grind to worry about) yet there is still greater fatigue yet to be discovered.

Now for those with strenuous lifestyles, the idea of seeking out new fatigue is probably a nightmare. But keep in mind, for those who can regularly participate in 20-mile marathons in the blistering heat, making it past three o’clock is light work.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to run 20 miles every day to make working easier, but a greater physical form can lighten any fatigue, mental or physical. Cardio is only one way of achieving this.

For those that don’t get regular exercise, the treadmill is a good place to start. Push yourself, see how long you can go on the treadmill without stopping. You can run, and you can walk but above all work up a sweat and see just how far you can push yourself.

Biking, swimming and lifting weights can also all play a part in conditioning yourself physically and mentally. You will have more energy and more tolerance for the strenuous nature of working if you start to exercise.

2. A Competitive Edge

Women competing in the 100m sprint

Professional athletes like Lebron James and Sidney Crosby have the privilege and responsibility to compete on the big stage as a career, but the competition they participate in is only the most literal example.

In truth, we are all competing. We live in the age of capitalism, businesses compete within an industry, entire countries compete financially, and of course, there is bound to competition within the workplace.

There is no reason why you, out of all your co-workers can’t seize the opportunity at a promotion, a raise, more hours, or even just the compliments of your boss.

Now you probably don’t need to condition yourself to the same extent that a professional athlete would stay competitive in your field, however, your will to compete, and competitive drive can be strengthened in the gym.

A key factor in how exercise can make you more competitive is actually hormonal. It has been proven that exercise, predominantly weight lifting increases testosterone. Not just in men, but in women as well.

Testosterone is the hormone that has driven competition throughout all of human history, and it can, in turn, make you more competitive in your job. However testosterone is only one element in making you more competitive, there is also psychological aspects to it as well.

When exercising you are naturally competing against yourself, and those around you whether you know it or not. It is in nature of those who work out to try and improve on previous feats, whether it is cutting time off of your mile, benching more weight, or doing more sets.

Now applying this to your job can make you more productive than you ever thought. Going to work with the ambition to outdo your co-workers will make you a more valuable employee and adding that edge to your job will motivate you and make your career a more compelling aspect of your life.

I can tell you first hand that working out, especially with your friends will make you a more competitive worker. When I played football in high school, everyone was trying to outdo each other, and it was just a part of the nature of being an athlete.

We were trying to outdo each other in the weight room, on the field, and even in the locker room and the competitive edge I acquired from working out with them lent itself to the success I had in my first job.

I started working at TJ Maxx when I was still playing football and my will to compete made me one of the most valued employees they had. I wanted to outdo everyone of my co-workers, and it paid off as my reputation as a cashier got me corporate recognition and it all started in the weight room.

Hopefully, you can apply that competitive edge from exercise to a more substantial career than a TJ Maxx Cashier and get you recognized as a valued employee.

3. Aesthetics

Young Girl Women's Model Beautiful Aesthetics

Whether we like to admit or not, we live in a shallow society. One’s character and the quality of their work should never be judged by their appearance, however as mentioned before we are all competing.

We make decisions based on imagery, and it is instinctual for any species to be drawn more to the image of a healthier looking specimen. We don’t even realize this but it is a harsh reality, and there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of it.

Shedding excessive fat, toning your muscles, and improving your posture can also lend itself to making you more comfortable and confident in your own skin, and garnering a greater level of respect from your co-workers and bosses.

A fit and more toned physique also opens the door to greater wardrobe options. The dress that would have been too tight and revealing at 180 pounds can now be cemented as a cornerstone uniform in your work routine at 150 pounds. The muscle shirt that just didn’t look quite right on you before you started lifting is now the most reliable part of your wardrobe.

Make no mistake, a beautiful body is no replacement for actual efficiency as a worker, but it can’t hurt your reputation around the office. But more than anything, the aesthetics that come with regular exercise are likely to be of greater benefit your own self-image. People will accept you at your job regardless of your health, but showing up will be easier when you know you look good, and you are confident in yourself.

And as unfair as it may seem, there are simply some positions out there that are reserved for those that play it easy on the eyes. As mentioned before we live in a shallow society, and we respond to appearance even when we don’t realize. You see it on TV, you see it in magazines, and you’ve probably seen it in public.

And what you don’t see is what you often hear about, someone getting promoted over someone else due to their visual advantages, someone being chosen to represent a business based on the presence that their appearance demands, yeah it happens. But just because it’s unfair doesn’t mean it has to be what stops YOU from getting to where you want to be.

If you already know you are comfortable with your appearance then that is great, you should respect yourself and feel confident about who you are, but there is nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that there are imperfections you want to address. It doesn’t make you shallow or insecure. It means you are self-aware and ambitious, qualities that employers often look for. It’s never too late to get to the gym to improve your own self-image.

4. Versatility

Someone being versatile at work

Hopefully, this article reaches a broad audience of people in a diverse variety of fields. If so then there is certainly an advantage for everyone that comes with frequent exercise.

Whether it is lifting and carrying a heavy load, having the endurance and energy to perform an extensive assignment on a short deadline, or simply having the physical presence to demand attention in a room of people, there is an advantage in any job that comes with being in shape.

Surely there have to be some tasks out there in the world that are reserved for the obese and sickly, but those opportunities are sure to be rarer than the ones presented to those with good health.

Versatility is one of those valuable qualities that can’t really be defined by a college degree, but being readily in shape is still noticeable to your employer. The ability to perform tasks based on your health can be the aspect that gives you the leverage to demand a higher salary, the X factor on your resume, or just a bit of extra job security.

The versatility that comes with good health probably won’t result in a single huge advantage in your job, but is more likely to lead to a bevy of small advantages that add up, and ultimately make an impression on your bosses and co-workers.

For me, my physical strength contributed significantly to my value as an employee when working at TJ Maxx. Often I would be the only one in the store capable of carrying furniture out to customer’s cars. Sometimes they’d even tip me, but overall nothing makes you more secure about your position than knowing that there are tasks that no one else is capable of doing.

5. Overall Health

Overall strong health

If anything, exercise will help to deter the many health related obstacles that may cause problems in your job performance. The most prominent example would be that those who frequently exercise are at a lower risk of getting sick, meaning fewer sick days.

But there is a bevy of other examples that can help take away many of the health-related risks that may jeopardize your position, as well as provide numerous benefits to general performance.

Exercise can contribute to reducing stress, help you make decisions quicker, and adjust to new environments. All of these can go a long way in improving your job performance. This is by far the broadest benefit of exercise as it can have positive effects on several aspects of several different types of jobs.

Even if you participate in a profession that doesn’t benefit from exercise as much as others, it couldn’t hurt, and you should do it regularly as better health will generally make you more valuable as an employee.

Final Thoughts

Our employers, our families, and our friends are always going to need us, and we are always going to need our bodies. Elevating our physical form will ultimately elevate our minds, our willpower, and our confidence.

Whether you’re looking to get a promotion, or just make getting out of bed every morning a little less painful, you could definitely do a lot worse than a couple trips to the gym.

One Last Message

Don’t let anyone get ahead of you, don’t let social construct get in the way of your success, and most importantly…

Become Better At Being You.

Feel free to leave us a comment and any questions you might have.

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  1. Hey Jaxon,

    Yes, I am well aware of the fallout of a lost job and with being so frustrated in a job that I wanted to quit. I can relate to the afternoon mental fatigue and dragging on of the day. Every day. So I can appreciate all of your suggestions above about using our mental and physical fatigue as ammunition to get in shape, which can lead to a better overall experience at a job that wears us down daily.

    Very good outline of tips and benefits which can help many people. I wish you all the best!


    • Thank you Mike, I believe as a society we will become more productive and more rational as thinkers with the more emphasis we put on physical form and wellbeing.

  2. Great information, thank you. I agree with all of the above, but you forgot to mention mental tenacity. Exercise makes you mentally strong as well.

  3. Great Tips. I think when we health, we can be more productive. The best way to feel better at work is to keep health. How much time I have to spend to maintain our physical health? Thanks

    • It doesn’t require much time at all. If you aren’t currently getting a lot of exercise then simply alotting 4 hours a week to working out will make a drastoc difference and you will gain the desire to add more.

  4. This is really good information. Yes, you are correct in that the low down feeling hits me each day at work around 2:30-3:00pm. I knew exercise would help but never really considered the effects at work. Go to know you don’t have to do a sweat to death routine to see results.
    Thanks for the enlightenment here.

    • No problem, I relish any opportunity to help someone make it past thre o clock.

  5. I really like how you tied in our physical health with our performance in the workplace. Even though I work from home, these still apply. I don’t think I’ve ever thought how my physical health can directly effect my performance, especially when it comes to endurance. I also see how the versitility of my workout can help me expand my mental capabilities.

    I appreciate the thoroughness of your post. I took a peek at the one on loosing belly fat, so I’ll be back!

    • Glad to see you found it useful, people often forget that the mind is simply an extension of the body and put all their faith in their own intelect to fulfill their goals, but a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind and exercise can help one fulfill their goals much easier.

  6. You are right about us living in a shallow society, but the most important thing is us to feel good with our self. Healthy mind in a healthy body, there is no way to denied it, so I started to try get fit by jogging in the mornings and I started to feel much better.

    • It only gets easier from there and it the feeling only gets better. The jogging sounds like a great addition to your life and adding that first exercise is always the hardest part, from here you will gain a natural desire to add more exercise to your life and the cycle will keep rolling.

  7. Wel, that was awesome. Great post. These are the types of things that people forget so easy or just get lazy doing it. a reminder is needed once in a while. thank you!!

    • No probelm glad you found it useful, and you are right many people could use a reminder oncd in a while.

  8. Hey Jaxon great post man!
    I love my exercise. It is a must do if you want to live a long and healthy life. I work with people who sit all day and get virtually no exercise. And yes most of them are extremely over weight.
    Most people complain they have no time. I went for a circuit workout this morning at 6am. There are no excuses. Endurance is a great topic. We do the Parkrun every Saturday morning. Free 5 K run that is timed. Parkrun’s are all round the world. I guess the next step is motivating people to get off their bums.

    Great work mate,


    • You are putting yourself at a great advantage Kevin, the parkrun sounds like a very valuable part of your life, and will keep you healthy for many years to come.

  9. I am all for it! Getting different types of exercise makes it more fun and less of a routine. Most important of all for me are the health benefits, which you notice and are grateful for especially when you get older. Great post, thanks!

    • Glad to help, feel free to share your favorite exercises to make working out less routine.

  10. Dear Deep
    It good post, how to keep physically healthy with exercise, how to improve life and work, style and the exercise type is more important please can you tell more about that in details?
    what is the best type you like to do in the exercise?

  11. Staying healthy for the people that love and need you is very important. The other benefits you mentioned are gravy on top (maybe not gravy). LOL. I agree, great health is needed to be present, at your best and ready to go. Depending on the type of work you do optimum health is mandatory.

    • Everything we do starts internally. If we focus on bettering our bodies it is sure to improve our mental state as well.

  12. Thanks for such an encouraging post. I have had many of those “daily grind” and I found it so hard to get through the rest of the day. How I wanted the day to end as I became sleepy, lethargic, no energy to finish a stressful day’s work. Then I started to do some cardio exercise and my endurance improved. I felt healthier, I got my stress level under control, my energy level went up and I performed better on the job.

    • Hopefully others can follow in your footsteps and learn the value of mental and physical coditioning.

  13. Very nice post for a subject most everyone wishes they were experts at, lol. Why is it that just driving to work sometimes seems to suck the life out of me? lol. Nicely written. Great common sense here.

  14. Very good article. You are right exercise can be very helpful for us to have energy for work. But your so tired after work you can’t make it out to do the exercise.
    It a vicious circle !

    • Its a rough cycle and it can be tough to get started but all it takes is a little push to get the ball rolling in the right direction. dont force yourself into an extreme exercise routine right away because that could give you an unpleasent impression and cripple your drive to workout going forward. start out with what is most comfortable.

  15. It’s kind of a catch-22 that exercise is the key to more energy. But for some, after a long day at work the last thing you want to do is go out for a run. I’m lucky that my work is very physical and I’m on my feet all day. Maybe those with office jobs should go out for a walk during their lunch hour? Walking still counts as exercise 🙂

    • I agree, if you are already in good shape and have a job that is physically demanding then you probably don’t have to set aside much time for workouts, but conditioning yourself can help those who have trouble staying awake at work. It doesn’t take much, even just jogging on the weekends can prove to make a big difference in your mental endurance

  16. Great read!
    I have found that exercising is the best thing you can do! Exercise and fitness boosts everything.. and I do mean everything! I have found yoga to be the most beneficial for me. It has targeted every single component of fitness, and I believe its just one of the few that do! Also, mental health. I did a research project on exercise and mental health in college and wow! was I amazed at the results you get from exercise!
    What are your thoughts on yoga?

    • Yoga is one of the healthiest exercises you can incorporate into your life, not just for your body but for your mind, and spirit as well. It can definetley help you perform better at work.

  17. Good things to think about. I seem to always thrive in a competitive environment, something I’ve never thought I could use to motivate me until reading this. Thanks for sharing these tips, very useful and thought provoking!

  18. Hi there

    I have to agree, endurance is huge. The longer we endure the more we can take on and that grows over time. This was a great read. Are you pretty big into being healthy and running?

  19. Great tips definitely needed for the employees. I work in IT indistry where sometimes I need to stretch a lot with work and these excercises not only benefit physically but mentally as well. Thanks for the tips bro.

  20. During my early days of starting up a business, I spent almost 6 months working without breaks. Working out is way out of my mind as I reasoned I don’t have time for that. Guess what. My health start deteriorating and I became unproductive. Until I start heading back to my regular workout.

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