Boost Oxygen Can: A Breath of Fresh Air

Product: Boost Oxygen Can

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Size Of Container: 22 ounces

My Rating: 8 out of 10

What Is Boost Oxygen?

One can of Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen is a can of oxygen concentrate that can be consumed like an inhaler.

It is 95% Oxygen and comes in a lightweight portable cylinder. Carrying it is about as easy as carrying around an empty can.

Boost Oxygen can be used to complement your workouts by replenishing your body’s oxygen levels, just like drinking water keeps you hydrated.

Consuming it can alleviate fatigue, especially on high altitude hikes, treat hangover symptoms, enhance competitive sports performance, and increase your overall state of health.

Oxygen is a necessity for all life on earth, and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

For those who get easily fatigued, and have less conditioned cardiovascular health, Boost Oxygen can both enhance your workout performance, and regulate your body to prevent cramps or more severe physical risks.

From my experience, I can say that if anything, Boost Oxygen has value in simply making your workouts more pleasant.

I found myself less fatigued, and not grasping for as many deep breaths as usual.

It can do the same and possibly even more for you!

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What Else Can Boost Oxygen Do For You?

For those suffering from asthma, COPD, or other lung and breathing related illnesses, Boost Oxygen can bring a real breath of fresh air to your lifestyle.

Of course, it can not cure your condition, but the comfort in knowing you have an easily accessible canister of fresh water based oxygen can make a big difference.

Even if you have high blood pressure, taking a breath of oxygen can help regulate your heart flow and prevent hypertension.

I personally do not suffer from any of these conditions but I have noticed that taking the Oxygen during workouts caused me to sweat more than usual.

I consider this a good thing as sweating is a natural and healthy function and helps to flush cleanse and flush excess fluid.

Boost Oxygen Can Take You To New Heights.

If you hiking is one of your hobbies, then consider giving Boost Oxygen a place right next to the water bottle in your knapsack.

Boost Oxygen is an optimal supplement when traveling to high altitudes. The higher you go the less oxygen there is and thus you will become more quickly fatigued and short of breath.

But bringing a can of boost oxygen can supplement any O2 you lack at high altitudes and restore your performance and stamina to how it would be at ground level.

But not only for hiking, if you are driving, biking or even piloting at high altitudes it is imperative that you have the oxygen necessary for concentration and endurance.

Boost Oxygen can be that extra security blanket when operating any type of vehicle at high altitudes.

It could very well be a matter of life and death.

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Gaining A Competitive Advantage

Boost Oxygen Can benefits

If you compete in competitive athletics at any level, you should look for any advantage you can. Even a breath of fresh air can put you over your competition.

If you watch football on television at the collegiate or pro level, then you have probably at some point seen players on the sideline inhaling from an oxygen tank.

This is because replenishing oxygen levels is vital for athletic performance as well as injury prevention.

If you are involved in any type of sport, Boost Oxygen can give you a boost as well.

You don’t have to be a professional football player to benefit from the advantage of additional oxygen.

Be warned though, do not consume excess amounts of the oxygen, one or two inhales at a time is a healthy dose, but excess consumption could cause headaches and upset stomach.

Remember too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

About Last Night…

Boost Oxygen Can helps treat hangoversOne of Boost Oxygen’s more unconventional utilities is how it can treat hangover symptoms.

I personally have not yet gotten the chance to test this aspect of Boost Oxygen’s uses, however, the manufacturer itself claims it to be one of its primary features.

So Boost Oxygen does technically come with utilities outside of fitness making it a universal product.

It can be used either before, during, or after a night of partying to alleviate the dreaded hangover symptoms and ensure that one is able to function the following day.

It can also be used to reduce stress and treat already existing soreness from exercise or anything else.

Next time you and your friends make plans for a night that may or may not include a fair amount of drinking, you could all do a lot worse than to bring a can of Boost Oxygen, to help make the day following a little less painful.

Final Thoughts

While Boost Oxygen should not be seen as an essential part of everyone’s workout routine, it can be a helpful utility for those with certain conditions or those new to or just getting into fitness.

Someone who is well conditioned may not find a lot of use in Boost Oxygen, if you have no shortness of breath or any type of cardiovascular issues in the gym, you are probably well off without the product.

That doesn’t mean it can’t enhance overall mood during workouts every once in awhile.

If you are planning a trip to a high altitude area then I do recommend you stock up on Boost Oxygen.

Lack of oxygen in high altitude places can be very discomforting if you are used to living at sea level. It can also affect sleeping patterns and your metabolism.

And of course, you may also want to pack a canister if you anticipate a night of heavy drinking.

A simple breath of fresh air will not cure all the ills of alcohol consumption, but it may relieve the pains that come with the dreaded hangover.

Overall Boost Oxygen is a very handy non-essential.

It is simple to use, simply hold the mask to your face with the trigger pointed upwards and spray.

More than anything Boost Oxygen can be very helpful for those struggling for whatever reason to maintain endurance in the gym.

Whether you are new to working out or have a condition, Boost Oxygen can be very helpful in overcoming fatigue.

And most importantly helping you…

Become Better At Being You.

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  1. Very interesting product. I would have a concern for anyone using or carrying this product in a backpack and sitting around a campfire. Also, I am not sure if you would have to check with the airline before flying if you planned on taking it with you. Most would not allow something that has the potential of being flammable. Other than those, it sounds like it could be very helpful.

    • I do not recomend using it around fire either, for me I keep it strictly to the gym. And I am pretty sure airport security allows it.

    • As someone who just took up running, I am very interested in trying this product. Living in the south with unbearable humidity, I would love to test it in these conditions!
      On one of my first runs, my friend asked if I was breathing or yawning. I responded, “I’m trying to stay alive!” Lol
      Cool product for sure!

  2. Interesting information that I was not familiar with at all! I have issues with heart rate but it’s due to the autonomic nervous system so not sure if this would help or not. Thanks!

    • This would help you breath better, and be able to breathe better is important for having a good heart rate. Hope this helps you, Angela, if you have any more questions let me know.

  3. Ill take a hit of that! Just kidding. I tried an oxygen bar once and this sounds like a great option!

  4. I didn’t know that there is a handy tool that provides oxygen. I know there are some oxygenated water but that doesn’t help when I’m working out in the gym. I think I will give a try on this product. Thanks !

  5. Wow. Iv never heard of these before but they do seem like a great extra to have. I would go hiking a lot and I do be out of breath a lot so something like this in my bag would be cool. It would be like a burst of fresh air 🙂 great post. Thanks for sharing. Ill be bookmarking this page 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed Stephen it will definitely help you when hiking.

  6. This is awesome! I’ve never heard of boost oxygen before and I really like the idea of it keeping me less fatigued during my workouts since I’m weight training 4 – 5 times a week.

  7. Very interesting post. Can’t say I’ve seen a product like this before. Might come in handy when coming off a workout hiatus. Thanks for the information.

  8. Looks really neat! I’ve never heard of anything like this before. I really enjoy your review. You make the decision to buy a product like this that much easier. Definitely looks like a product worth investing in for workouts. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hey! Wow, before today I had never heard of Boost Oxygen, but it sounds like it can be very useful. All the uses you listed make perfect sense to me and what a great idea someone had to cash in on that and sell oxygen in a can! Especially hiking at high altitudes, everyone knows a major problem with that is the change in the oxygen levels in the air. Brilliant idea and a very well written post 🙂

  10. Interesting product! When being used for training sessions, when is it best to use it? Before, during, after? Having just recovered from a nasty chest infection, I’m wondering if this would also be helpful for illnesses? Thanks for sharing this!

    • I recomend using it throughout your workout in times when you feel that you are in need of an extra breath.

  11. Can you tell me how long a 22 oz can of oxygen will last? When I flew helicopters in the Navy we carried an emergency oxygen can in our vests that gave us 2 minutes of breathing. I don’t know how many ounces that was. The product looks like it’s about the same size.

  12. Wow, I have never heard of these. Great stuff.

    I do lots of running and gym work and always gasping for air. So this could be handy.

    I do a lot of breathing exercises before a workout. Have you heard of the Iceman, Wim HoF? Worth researching his stuff.

    Great post. I will try it out. Cheers,


  13. I’m a former smoker and quit 17 years ago. I still have problems getting a deep breath at times. This looks like something that may really help me!

  14. What a cool way to supercharge the system! And no side effects, right? I mean, it’s pure oxygen. How often would you suggest using this?

    • It can be consumed at the same frequency as water working out. Just be aware of how much you are leaving yourself for the duration and future workouts. Space it out don’t take it all at once.

  15. Hey… I hadn’t interacted with this kind of product before but it’s something I would really love to include in my gym kit. Many times I feel blown out whenever I do a run on a 15+ incline on the treadmill, and I believe it’s something that would help me restore the lost energy & breathe! However, my only concern is to do with people who are asthmatic, is it safe for them too?

    • Let us know how it goes Medhie, and yes it is perfectly fine for people who are aesthmatic as it is just pure oxygen. It is not however a replacement for your inhaler.

  16. Interesting. Been working out for a while now but never thought of this. Maybe I will be testing it at some point.

    • It should help you with your endurance and yes it often doesnt occur to folks the difference a little extra oxygen can make. Even if it makes a small difference we should look for any advantage we can.

  17. This would probably come in handy on the long bike rides I might take from time to time. There won’t be a problem packing the container in hot weather would it?

    • Nope, the cannisters can be stored in any temperature. They can be a great addition to a bikeride. Goodluck.

  18. This is a real good idea! I always see football players, “boosting up” on the sidelines. Never really occurred to me I could do this too for my own personal workouts. Smart thinking!

  19. Nice post!! As a hiker and lover of the mountains, your review really interests me. How much is the can though? I didn’t see a price anywhere.

    • The price varies from time to time due to Amazon offering discounts and sales at certain periods, that’s why I am not allowed to list the price, however, you can find the price by clicking here.

    • Its around 11 dollars a can, or 22 dollars for 2. Its great if you like hiking in high altitudes, and can prevent headaches and shortness of breath.

  20. The first way I thought of using Boost Oxygen is when I travel. I usually get sick or feel exhausted from a trip. I think this will give me the boost of energy I need especially when flying for hours at a time! Thank you for your review!

    • Yep Boost Oxygen should also have no trouble getting past airport security. It can be a very nice “beverage” for air travel as planes recycle oxygen.

  21. Whatever will they think of next? How amazing, and I can definitely see why it would work. Actually, I’m from New Zealand, which is known for it’s clean green natural image, and I know that is a company here exporting canned fresh air from NZ to China. And apparently it’s a best selling export! But the whole sport recovery angle is a really interesting one, let alone the idea that it could be a hangover cure! Great article.

  22. I had no idea that this was even a thing, I mean I just took it for granted that the air we breathe would be enough.lol I have to get some now just go see what it’s like

  23. I find this pretty cool. I have seen people use this before but thought it was some kind of medication so I never asked, or looked it up. I kind of want to try it now! So how many times a day do you personally use it? About how many inhales do you get per can?

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