How To Stop A Sneeze – (9 Useful Tips)

Do you want to know how to stop a sneeze? Well, you’re in the right place.

However let me begin by saying, sneezing is normal. It is one of the things that come along with being human.

Frustratingly, sometimes that sneeze can turn into multiple sneezes, which can turn into multiple sneezes every hour.

This situation, which most people have experienced can be troubling but worry no longer let me share with you some tips on how to stop a sneeze. So your nose can finally feel alive again.

And if you think that a sneeze briefly stops your heart, it doesn’t so don’t worry. Calm down, relax, and enjoy these tips.


Why Do Humans Sneeze?

Other than to just encouraging regular suffering and inconvenience, sneezes occur due to irritation of the mucous membranes of your nose and throat. This process is much more complicated than it sounds, if you want to know more, click here.

At the same time, sneezes though they can be annoying and painful to you, they are rarely ever a serious problem to be concerned with.

There are many causes of a sneeze, allergies, dust, pollen, mold, smoke, a cold or the flu. Although there is no real cure to these causes, follow these tips so you can lessen the impacts that a sneeze has on your life.


Why Is Garlic So Great?

Garlic is truly a magnificent specimen. It has so many health benefits associated with it, and to me at least it tastes great.

See whenever I used to have a sore throat my mom would recommend me to eat some raw garlic. At the time, I wasn’t very accustomed to ancient remedies. 

However, given my circumstances, and being out of cough syrup. I decided to give her advice a try, and I hate to say it but like always she was right.

The thing is garlic is made of strong antibacterial properties that work just as efficient if not sometimes more effective than common cold and allergy medicine. This method worked for my sore throat, but I decided to experiment by treating my runny and sneezy nose.

Making a garlic paste out of about 5 cloves I inhaled the strong smell, and it was very strong but more importantly helpful.

It worked. The experiment was a success, and it helped clear my runny nose that stopped me from sneezing all day long.


Have You Tried Fennel Tea Yet?

What is fennel tea? Have you heard about it?

Probably not. But don’t worry, allow me to explain.

“Surprisingly,” fennel tea is yet another one of those antibacterial remedies that help treat infections, sore throats, and has many more benefits. If you are interested in knowing more about fennel tea, click here.

I started drinking fennel tea several months ago during the winter. I wanted to try it out, recommended by a friend I thought to give it a shot. As the Winter and Spring seasons tend to be the worst for me because of illnesses and allergies.

Like my green tea, I buy it online on Amazon in bulk and make sure it is organic. If you are interested in the product, click here.

For optimal benefits in reducing sneezing, I would recommend drinking 2 cups of fennel tea daily.

However, you must keep the seeds soaked in boiled water but remember not to insert the seeds before the water is boiling. The amount of time I usually keep my seeds soaked is 15 minutes after that I use a strainer to separate the seeds and then pour myself a cup and enjoy breathing through my nose.


What About Chamomile Tea?

Ok. Well now you know what fennel tea is and why it’s so great, please tell me you know what chamomile tea is.

Don’t know? Ok fine, I will tell you, don’t worry.

So chamomile tea like most teas has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times. However, the biggest purpose of the tea was to help with sneezing caused by allergies.

Allergy season is among us, and even if it wasn’t chamomile tea is the way to go for sneezing problems.

So how do I prepare chamomile tea? 

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Take one teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers and one cup of boiling water, insert the flowers in, and stir for a few minutes. You can add honey to the mix if you enjoy it. Honey will help add better taste and more benefits, so don’t shy away from it.

After that, you are ready to drink and get rid of those painful symptoms.

Like fennel tea, I recommend drinking 2 cups daily for the best results.


Peppermint Oil?

Peppermint oil is one of the best ways to treat sneezing and runny noses.

It consists of many antibacterial properties that help treat your symptoms naturally.

All you have to do is get a small bottle of peppermint oil, boil some water and then add five to seven drops of the oil.

After that is done take a towel large enough to cover the steam coming from the pot and inhale the steam, this will help relief and clear your nose.

At the same time, I have heard that eucalyptus oil can also contribute to reducing sneezing associated with colds or nasal irritation.

Overall, peppermint oil does work, I have tried it, and it cleared my nasal passages and left me feeling a whole lot better when my allergies were kicking in.


Oregano Oil?

This oil like peppermint oil probably goes unnoticed for most of the population, but it shouldn’t.

It consists of not just antibacterial properties, but also antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, and it is very vital in eliminating sinusitis.

The oil has two key ingredients, carvacrol, and thymol. Both these ingredients are very crucial because they help to strengthen our immune system.

Incorporate two to three drops of oregano oil into water or your favorite healthy drink daily until you start feeling relief from your sinus congestion and sneezing.


Some Black Pepper Won’t Hurt You.

Now whoever said black pepper would make you sneeze is right, but it is a paradox in which it will also help you not sneeze, (depending on if you sniff or eat/drink black pepper).

The plus side of not just helping with sneezing, black pepper also helps with a runny nose.

So What Do I Do With The Black Pepper?

So take one-half tablespoon of crushed black pepper powder add it to some warm water, and drink a cup of that at least 3 times a day.

Another suggestion I would make is gargling that mixture of black pepper in warm water to help fight viruses and bacteria that you might have inside you.

I personally have tried this method as well, and I approve, it was helpful for me.


Have Some Ginger. It’s Good For You.

Ginger is so underrated that it is not a joke.

It has so many valuable benefits to it, and ginger is one of those super ancient home remedies that still proves to be useful in modern day society, sometimes more helpful that our current medicine. 

So take about 2 teaspoons of ginger extract once or twice a day, I recommend at night because it will help prevent you from staying awake all night due to sneezing.

After you cut the ginger into small pieces and boil them in a cup of water for a few minutes, you are welcome to add honey, trust me like I mentioned it helps to add more benefits and better taste.

I have eaten ginger for as long as I can remember due to my mom always incorporating it into our meals, and I am grateful that she does as it is so beneficial and not just at stopping sneezing. Ginger is a must.


Vitamin C Is Like No Other.

Do you like papayas? I do, but it’s ok if you don’t there are many other fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C out there that will help you get it naturally.

So how is vitamin C helpful if you have a sneezing problem because it contributes to lowering the production of histamine in our bodies which control our sneezing.

So the next time you are suffering from a common cold, get a good dose of something that is high in vitamin C. The antioxidant properties found in those fruits and vegetables will help reduce the production of histamine, which will contribute to dwindling your sneezes. 

Everything aside from that, getting enough vitamin C is crucial so don’t underestimate it.

Table Citrus Fruit Vitamin C Fruit Orange Juices

If All Else Fails, Saline Solution.

Sometimes, our sneezing situation is so bad that we can’t stop or maybe you just rather use a saline solution to stop sneezing, either way still works.

By using saline solutions to rinse our nose, it helps clear the clogged up nasal cavities or passages naturally.

The warm water found in a saline solution helps to relief the nose because it loosens up the irritated mucous membranes which reduce the inflammation in the nose.

Personally I use saline solution whenever I have allergies, so basically every spring, and I am glad to say it has helped me every year. I would definitely recommend you try it out.

nasal drops


Sneezing can be very annoying and painful especially when it’s allergy season. 

However, using the tips I listed above you can better deal with your sneezing so you can enjoy your day like you were meant to.

I hope now you know how to stop a sneeze.

Comment below and share your experiences.

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  1. Thanks a lot for all this information and many possible remedies. The garlic worked for me so no need to try the next ones, but if it ever fails I’ll be coming right back here.

    • Hey, Samuel, I am glad you found the information to be helpful and informative. I was also pleased to see that you already have experience with garlic.

  2. Never knew that black pepper actually prevented sneezing haha my whole life has been a lie! That’s awesome! It’s that time were my hayfever really kicks in as well, do you recommend anything for that or would these tips work for it as well?

    • Hey, Kourtney, these tips all work for your seasonal allergies (hayfever). I too suffer greatly from seasonal allergies and found all of these tips to be helpful. That is why my past few springs have been much more pleasant than my childhood years.

  3. What a great post! lol. Funny enough, I’ve heard that if you think to yourself “Watermelon Popcorn” your sneeze will go away hahaha. No joke. Thanks for the informative post!

    • Thanks for sharing that I didn’t know that, and I am glad to see you enjoyed the post, 😊😊😊.

  4. Thanks for the excellent info. I knew about the healing properties of garlic, but I have learned a few things today. …never knew about the medicinal value of black pepper for instance.
    I remember after my appendix was removed and I was still in pain after the op. This BIG sneeze came up. It was a rather painful experience.
    I thought my gut was ripped apart by it. 🙂
    …I love this info about natural healing remedies.
    Cheers 🙂

    • I have felt a sneeze similar to that many times Cobus. I am glad you were able to learn new remedies, 😊😊😊.

  5. Hey, great Post I suffer from allergies as well, and I will make sure to bookmark this page so I can remember how to stop my sneezes. Thanks for the information.

  6. This is such an awesome post on how to stop sneezing. But one of my favorite reasons for liking this post is because you went into such great depth when providing more than a single solution. I had no idea black pepper could be such an effective remedy for that and your tips on getting enough vitamin c is spot on. So glad to see that many of these remedies can be found in your own kitchen!

  7. These all were some great tips. The garlic one I never heard of. I like it because you breathe it. I am not much of a remedy drinker. So this would be the one I would try.

    • Sounds great Ronnie, all the methods work it is up to you to decide what works the best for you.

  8. I have allergies from many plants, and I never knew that garlic could stop it. Sneezing actually started after I moved to another country I rarely eat garlic and I think it can be good for me. I will definitely try eating more of it.

    • I too suffer from allergies significantly, and it is allergy season right now, but I have been prepared for the past few years. Also, Yes Furkan, do give garlic a try it has so many healthy benefits.

  9. Hi Deep,
    It was a great post on describing the natural sneezing remedies. I am glad for coming across your site.
    Every year my family members have a flu shot, but still, catch a cold and sneeze. My son still has to take prescription drug now for seasonal allergic.
    I am interested in knowing about fennel tea for my son, but also would like to know if it is good for 3-year old baby or any other side effects.
    Please suggest.

    • Hi, Maun, pleased to see you enjoyed the post, thank you for those kind words. Answering your question, fennel tea is safe for toddlers, but I do not advise giving your son too much of it. If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits fennel tea has on toddlers, click here. Hopefully, this answers your question is not feel free to leave another comment, and I will further clarify myself.

  10. Garlic is the best. I’ve always loved the taste, but didn’t realize just how good it is for you until a few years ago. It’s a perfect example of how everything that tastes good isn’t bad for you. I know there are garlic pills, but I much prefer the regular cloves to cook and add to food. Nice site.

  11. LOL. I have to sneeze 3 times before I stop. Yes! 3 consecutive sneezes.
    I think I should increase my immune system by consuming more garlic and drinking more tea.

    And I have to avoid the dusty area. I have an allergic reaction to dust. Train of sneezes will come immediately when I inhale some of the dust.

    I have to remember to have a chamomile tea every now and then from now on.

    • Arief, you and I have the same problem. I often have 3-5 consecutive sneezes, and they are very painful. I have suffered from allergies since my childhood they are very unpleasant, but ever since I started using these tips and remedies, I have been much better.

  12. So many different things to try – and the best bit is they’re not unpleasant! I’ve always wondered if it possible to sneeze with your eye open? We were told as kids if we did our eyes would pop out! We tried to do it anyway, but could never manage to keep our eyes open. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, Angela, we all tried but never could, at least I couldn’t, but glad I couldn’t. Also, pleased to see you enjoyed the post.

  13. Wow, this was quite informative! The only thing I can add is that chamomile tea with an infusion of stinging nettle is also great since stinging nettle also acts as an antihistamine. I use that a lot at nights since I’m trouble by frequent nasal congestion. Thanks a lot!

    • Your welcome, Joshua. Pleased to see you found the information to be helpful.

  14. You just never know what can work do you! I loved your article and garlic doesn’t much like me, so the tea is my way to go. I was introduced to peppermint oil by a nurse who gave me a small bottle for nausea. It was amazing so reading that it can help with sneezing doesn’t surprise me. Looking forward to trying the teas.

    • Sounds great Merry, let me know if you have any questions in the future.

  15. I had a difficult spring last year (here in Australia) with my allergies. It seemed to be worse than previous years. There appeared to be more pollen in the air. I had no idea that chamomile could help. Thank you for all these natural alternatives. I’m going to stock up on some of them for next spring.

  16. I enjoy a good sneeze now and again. If I sneeze a whole lot, I usually just blow my nose and it stops. If I happen to run into some uncontrollable sneezing fits, I will point people in this direction, myself included. Thanks!

  17. It’s amazing how many different natural remedies there are for preventing a simple sneeze next time I have an episode of the sneezes I will most definitely try a few of these. Before reading your article, I would just hold my nose closed whenever I had the urge to sneeze, and that usually does the trick for me. Love the post lots of useful info.

  18. I like Vit C and ginger but would not have known about drinking black pepper if I did not come across your article. That is a strange remedy but would be interesting to try (on someone else :))

  19. Wow, I didn’t know that there are so many methods that help to stop me from sneezing in the morning. I tried on coffee beans, and sometimes it helps too. Thanks! Now I have more choices to use in the morning!

  20. This is great advice, thank you. It will come in very handy. Latest research says that ginger is much more powerful than chemotherapy for fighting cancer, so am incorporating it into my diet as much as possible, together with garlic -which I love – so they have more than one benefit!

    • That is very interesting to hear Eril, thank you for sharing, and I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  21. Very informative and educative post you have here. One thing I’ve heard of is that if you’re driving on the highway and you want to sneeze, think of a white horse and it will prevent you from sneezing. Honestly, I did give this a try, and I have to say it worked 60% of the time! Lol! I’ve tried lemon and ginger tea but not chamomile tea. Do you think it would work faster than lemon/ginger tea?

    • That is something new that I was not familiar with, Bea. However, I do know that these methods I provided will defiantly work more than 60% of the time. I would recommend trying chamomile tea, it is packed with many benefits, and is more efficient in helping you deal with sneezing and runny noses. That is not to undermine lemon/ginger tea, as that too is ideal for you.

  22. I love garlic and eat it all the time, but I didn’t know it was good to clear a runny nose and stop a sneeze. Thanks for the information. I’m going to give it a try next time I have a cold.
    All the other tips are great too. Thanks

  23. Brilliant, I have the WORST cold at the moment and I’m raiding my kitchen to see what will help. I totally forgot about the oregano oil, that stuff is the best for curing a whole lot of things. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Sorry to hear about your cold, but do try these methods out. They will help, 😄😄😄.

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