10 Tips To Losing Weight Fast – [Infographic]

Losing weight can be very difficult.

But hopefully, my tips to losing weight fast will help you shed those pounds. These are quick weight loss tips that I hope you enjoy.

What Makes losing weight so hard?

Sure the amount of time you are physically active during the day helps to encourage a healthy lifestyle in which you lose weight.

However, your mental health is more important.

Having a strong mentally for reaching your goal is the first step before the actual weight loss happens.

The mentally you have towards any task, goal, or activity plays a major factor in what your outcome will be.

That being said make sure you are focused and have a clear vision on how you will lose those excess pounds.

Man jumping full of joy

Tip 1, Drink a lot more water.

Drink water. Don’t take this step for granted, and however much water you think is enough probably isn’t.

I personally drink about 202.8 ounces of water every day, a constant that has given me a great advantage in both my physical and mental health, and it can do the same for you.

Why does this matter?

Water cleanses your body, boosts your metabolism, and drinking enough can reduce your appetite. You will not achieve your health and fitness goals if you do not adjust your lifestyle to include enough water.

Drastically increasing water intake may be difficult for some people, but even adjusting consumption to 100-150 ounces of water every day will help you lose weight.

Adding Lemon to water can also enhance it’s health benefits. Drink a warm glass of water in the morning with lemon and you will set yourself up for a day of improved digestion, more energy, and chemical balance.

Try it for a week and the difference in basic everyday function will be noticeable and apparent.

A lot of water bottles

Tip 2, walk at least 6,000 steps every day.

Some looking to lose weight lead a very busy lifestyle, one that doesn’t allow for daily trips to the gym.

But you don’t need to set aside time for exercise every day to lead a more active life, simply adjusting your routine to include more walking can be the difference in getting your weight to the place you want.

Here’s the deal:

Back when I was in my early years of high school I used to sit on my couch watching tv or playing video games all day long.

Even though I wasn’t overeating I realized that for some reason it felt like I was gaining more weight. So I stepped on my scale and I was right.

That’s when I researched why this was occurring to me and I was surprised to find that sitting for long periods is very bad for our bodies.

I quickly corrected this aspect of my life and became more active throughout the day. I started playing basketball in my neighborhood, and it soon became a hobby for me as I grew to love the sport.

One corrective step you can take to become more active at work is, make sure you get up and stretch after every 20- 30 minutes. This is important as stretching your muscles will help to reactivate them after sitting for extended periods of time.

After stretching, it is important to walk around. The combination of regular stretches and walks throughout the day is sure to kickstart your metabolism.

Person taking steps

Tip 3, Sleep in a cold environment.

While the cold may cause discomfort for some at night, enduring the bitterness of a cold sleep will pay off.

Humans can burn a lot of calories in their sleep and doing so in a cold environment will cause your body to shiver. These shivers cause your body to burn more fat and faster. It burns the worst kind of fat our bodies have, brown fat.

I personally have first-hand experience with sleeping in a cold environment, and I can tell you it does work.

Back when I used to wrestle for my high school, I learned this technique so I could reach the weight I needed to be. Personally one night I was 164 pounds and had to be below 160 pounds the next day in order to make my weight class. That night I slept in the cold and I lost 6 pounds.

Now, yes I understand that this can be very hard for someone that doesn’t like the cold. So let me propose a solution for you.

Instead of trying to go to sleep in the cold to start off with, you can go to sleep in a cool environment. Afterwards, when you are fully asleep you can ask someone ahead of time to turn down the temperature and make your room cold.

This is great because by now you’re probably in a deep sleep and you won’t really feel the cold, but you will feel it’s effects.

Bed Feet Cozy Comfortable Sleep

Tip 4, Drink green tea.

Green tea, simply put is AMAZING.

I started drinking green tea about 2 years and now can’t imagine life without it.

Green tea is packed with many antioxidants that detox your body. It has also been proven to boost your metabolism, and will increase the amount of fat you burn during your regular routine.

When I started drinking green tea I could feel the difference, I could feel the effects within me, it’s that noticeable. I also felt more relaxed as the drink itself is very soothing. It had soon replaced coffee in my morning routine, and I eventually started drinking green tea, both in the morning when I woke up, and at night when before I went to sleep. However, when drinking tea at night make sure you drink it at least one to two hours BEFORE you go to sleep.

Brewing green tea is important, and in the beginning, I was confused as well. However, I was able to find a great video that explained to me how I can brew green tea. If you are interested in the video, Click Here.

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Glass full of green tea

Tip 5, Sniff that gum.

Who doesn’t like gum? Well for those that don’t, all you got to really to do is take a sniff.

Smelling food before eating it can be very important as it helps to lower our appetite. Studies have found that sniffing gum can contribute in an even more effective way.

Back in college when I first found out about this, I was skeptical and wondered if this could really have an impact on the mind. But I was wrong.

For me personally, whenever I had sniffed gum before eating for some reason I’d always feel a less urge to eat more.

It just made me slow down, and really think should I eat this.

That being said, sniffing gum helped me maintain my eating, which allowed me to burn more fat, but that is my experience.

Give it a try yourself. There is no harm in sniffing gum, so why not?

Chewing gum stick


First 5 tips infographic

Tip 6, Chew your food.

A lot of people overeat because they don’t chew their food. It is astonishing to think something as simple as chewing your food can help you lose weight, but it’s true.

What’s the rush? Slow down enjoy your food, it’s not going anywhere. Is eating your food quickly worth gaining additional weight?

It is important that you chew your food, for your stomach’s sake. Often times people overeat because they don’t give their stomachs enough time to tell the brain that it is full. Usually, this process takes about 20 minutes. So by continuing to munch on food, it can slow down your eating, and give your body more time to alert you when you’re in danger of overeating.

On top of all that, chewing food helps brings out the flavor, so yes your food will taste better when you chew more.

Take about 20 to 30 bites before swallowing, you will give yourself more time to become alert to how much you are eating, and in turn become alert to how much is too much.

Girl eating cookie

Tip 7, Start a physical hobby.

Playing basketball was my life back in the day.

It started out twice a week, then five times a week, and eventually went up to seven days a week.

Also, it wasn’t like I was just going for an hour or so I usually played close to two to three hours every time I played.

Basketball was great for me and helped me become more active, it encouraged me to be a more competitive person, and motivated me to try harder in everything I do.

This newfound competitive edge helped me change what I thought of myself, lose weight and get in shape.

I am grateful enough to have close friends that pushed me to try my hardest, and who wanted the best for me.

However, at the end of the day, there is nothing stopping you from being the person you want to be.

Also, basketball is certainly not the only way to go, there is a hobby out there for everyone, find the right one for you.

Even a minimum of 15 physical minutes everyday will have a positive influence on your health, fitness, and weight in the future.

So give something new a try, It can help you become the person you want to be.

Kids playing basketball

Tip 8, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Start your day off right. People who skip breakfast put themselves at a huge disadvantage.

During my first year of college, when I would go down to my food hall for breakfast in the morning, it was usually always almost empty. This was unsettling, as it seemed that every morning my community was collectively missing a huge opportunity.

A lot of people on campus would oversleep, and not have enough time to eat breakfast and get to class in time. I noticed countless fellow students feeling drowsy in the morning.

This is my experience and I know it’s true because every time in my morning classes there were at least 5 students that I could just tell where barely staying awake.

Don’t skip breakfast as it gives you the fuel to start your day off on the right foot.


Tip 9, Don’t stay up late at night.

Everyone needs sleep, that’s just how we function. I am a morning person, but a lot of my friends are the opposite, they love staying up late, and consequently don’t get enough sleep.

My friends wake up late in the morning, often as late as 11 am wasting a lot of valuable time. This is not productive for your bodies both mentally and physically.

To be honest, though it isn’t just my friends who do this, a lot of college students do the same exact thing, and it is very, very bad for our bodies.

Like I said earlier most of the weight we lose happens in our sleep and if we don’t get enough sleep then we can’t burn that fat. So how do you expect yourself to lose that weight?

Now if you’re reading this late at night, go get that sleep.

Laptop in a dark room

Tip 10, Eat spicy foods!

Spicy foods… not everyone has a tolerance for them, but it’s never too late to develop your taste.

If the taste doesn’t do it for you, take solace in the fact that every spicy food you suffer through contributes to boosting your metabolism. They can also go a long way in lowering your cholesterol.

Me personally I love spicy foods, I eat them all the time. Because I eat it so much I have grown a good tolerance for spicy foods.

That being said, I can say that spicy foods did help contribute to increasing my metabolism.

On top of it all, why not eat spicy foods? Give it a try, there is so much food out there that many people have yet to taste.

Spicy peppers


The last 5 tips of the infographic


Losing weight is hard, but possibly. I want you to succeed and reach your goals. Hopefully, my tips can help guide you in the right direction to make this possible.

Keep up your hard work, and don’t let others doubt you.


  1. Hello here. Helpful tips for everybody who is concerned about losing weight. We need guidance because without a plan we can lose interest. The weight can be left the same or be gained if somebody becomes desperate.

    Overall walking is beneficial for everybody. It clears mind, balances body and gives strength.

    How about calorie counting?

    Do you know a good app? Using app we can be always in check and see how the progress goes.

    Thanks for helpful information, all the best, Nemira.

    • I’m glad you found the information helpful Nemira, we are currently working on a calorie counting article I should be up very soon. I don’t really use an app but for my iphone it comes with the Health app I use that it is pretty helpful.

  2. Weight loss can become overwhelming for many people struggling to lose weight, I am one of those people at times and these tips are very good to add to my weight management plan.

    I have used some of these tips with some success, do you think age can keep a person from reaching their weight management goals?

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      I believe age is just a number. Anyone is capable of doing anything they desire as long as they have the right mindset and are willing to put in the hard work. That being said, if you are a young person reading this comment right now, go out and put in that hard work and you will see the results.

  3. Very good tips. I`m also on a weight lose plan and I`m doing most of the things that you wrote about. I didn`t know the sniffing gum tip. Sometimes really gets hard to control hunger and this can help. About a physical activity, do you think is better to do it in the mornings or in the afternoons?

    • Hi Ruben,

      I am glad you liked the article, and that you were able to learn something new. I understand what you mean by “really gets hard to control hunger,” that’s what happens when the food we eat is sooooo good. However, we must stay strong and resist, and I found sniffing gum to help me reduce my cravings, which helped me eat less food. Answering your question, I would say the best time for you to be physically active is when you choose too. That being said, some people prefer being active in the morning while others enjoy being active later on in the day. So you decide. Anytime is a good time as long as you are physically active. I hope that helps.

  4. Nice collection of tips here.
    I have a different view on the breakfast though. I am doing intermittent fasting right now. This means to eat within an 8 hour window and then fast for 16 hours. So I am pretty much skipping breakfast in the morning, start with lunch at noon and have dinner at 8pm. This strategy has helped me gain muscle and lose weight. Would love to hear other opinions on that…

    • Hey Juan,

      Interesting that you bring that up, I used to fast at least once or twice a month, but haven’t in a long time. The biggest reason why, because it is hard to maintain a fast when the people around you are eating so much food. At the same time, I didn’t see a big difference in my weight, so I stopped fasting. However, I haven’t tried your approach, so I’m am going to do more research on it and probably try it in the future.

  5. The gum sniffing has me thinking about a woman I knew years ago. She was very trim, but also very ritualistic about her eating habits. For instance, she always put her utensils down in the exact same spot between bites and her drink had to be in just the right spot. She always got a piece of gum 10-20 minutes before her lunch break. I always thought she was ruining the flavor of her food with it (it was always very strong) but now I wonder if it was just the gum sniffing trick. Very interesting. Thanks!

    • Interesting story Susie I don’t know exactly what she was doing with the gum, but there is a high possibility she was using the gum sniffing trick to help control her appetite. Pleased that I was able to help you learn something new.

  6. Great tips for losing weight. I do already love green tea and start each day with a large glass of warm water and lemon. I do find it helps greatly to boost my system. I am currently trying to lose weight for my cousins wedding in July so wish me luck! I have a dress that I wish to be able to wear for it, so big incentive.
    Hadn’t heard of sniffing gum before but I may give it a try. I have been putting on weight slowly over the past 2 years or so because since I set up my 2 websites I have been spending a lot of my free time when I’m not at my day job as a nurse, sitting down writing content and learning stuff online.

    But now it’s time to get rid of it! Thanks for the great tips!

    • I am glad you liked the tips, Susan. Also, keep up your hard work, and you will fit in that dress before your cousin’s wedding. Like I mentioned, in the beginning, the very first step to losing weight has the right mentality. You should give the gum sniffing trick a try as well there is no harm in trying, and it worked for more people than just me. I understand your stress, I too have to manage school, work, and my website, it can all be overwhelming, but the end result is what keeps me going. That being said, good luck and best wishes.

  7. Hi Deep,
    I greatly enjoyed your article and learned quite a bit. I recently wrote two eBooks on and am very pleased to have learned more great information from you on how folks can jumpstart their weight loss journey.

    Personally, I really love the tips on smelling gum and sleeping in the cold. I knew lighting scented candles could help food cravings, but never really considered smelling other things. Also, I figured being in hot environments would help, but never considered the cold. It makes sense though, as drinking cold water heats your body faster than a hot drink.

    Thanks so much for the info,


  8. Like your site. Many useful tips on weight loss, just started drinking green tea. It was interesting to learn how good it is for you. Very interesting information about sleeping in the cold. Had never heard of that before. Great information, thanks, Deanna

    • Hi, Deanna, pleased to see you enjoyed the article come back in the future for more helpful and informative content.

  9. Thank you for introducing me to Green Tea. You have encouraged me to include it in my daily life. The benefits of Green Tea which you mentioned were eye-opening. Simple but powerful. Also enjoyed your Lose Weight Fast concepts. They are actually all common sense things which we should be doing in our lives but you have done well to remind us.

    • My pleasure Roy, pass the helpful information along to your friends, the more people that become aware, the healthier we can all become.

  10. Hi There – thank for this much useful info as I was looking through the internet for many on weight loss this is well perfect. I never knew eating spicy food would help to reduce weight which is a great tip at the end. Thanks and keep well.

  11. Very good tips! I am proud to say that I have actually been doing some of them, whether knowingly or unknowingly 🙂 Walking and taking a good breakfast works best for me!
    Also I would recommend a regular exercise regime, be it sports or simple stretching. Beside helping in weight loss, it will also tone our body and keep it flexible.
    Thanks for your article, I will need to incorporate more of your tips in my daily life.

  12. Almost all of the points mentioned above are things I’ve done to lose weight, but I have a tough time keeping it off. The new one here for me is sleeping in a cold environment. I never tried that until recently when I was on a trip, and for three weeks I had to endure sleeping in the cold. I lost weight without any extra activity or change in diet. But I was not aware it was due to sleeping in the cold.

    • Fantastic news to hear Trevor, now you know sleeping in the cold helps to lose weight.

  13. Water is good for us whether or not we want to lose weight, I drink 50.7 ounces daily. Walking is a good form of exercise and can be used to substitute some of the exercises we do. I walk 3 miles daily using a program on YouTube.
    I will sleep in a cold environment from now on. I have noticed that I sleep better but because I prefer a warm room I usually just ensure that I am warm enough. Now that I know that it is good for me I will adjust the temperature.
    Breakfast to me is the most important meal of the day.
    Losing weight is not impossible if one takes the necessary action and be consistent with what they do.You have a lot of interesting tips which can be helpful to a lot of people. I find your post to be informative.

    • All great strategies to optimize the amount of weight you lose, keep up the hard work Luna. Pleased to see you found the post to be helpful and informative.

  14. Your 10 tips for losing weight is a good guide for me to adopt. I have struggled with weight issues most of my adult life. Adopting all these tips at one time could be daunting, but to integrate them a bit at a time is doable.
    I am especially looking forward to trying the green tea. I had concerns about the caffeine in green tea, but benefits outweigh these concerns.
    My situation is a little unusual in that I have an autoimmune disease that causes mobility issues. I am always interested in ways to exercise my body, particularly cardio vascular, that does not involve balance. I am still able to walk, a favorite exercise, but I am considerably slower each year, as this disease is progressive. Any ideas you might have to continue moving in a meaningful way would be appreciated.

    • Hi, Judith, Thank you so much for your kind words, I was pleased to see you found my tips to be helpful. I am sorry to hear about your disease, sounds awful. Answering your question, I would recommend you try seated workouts, this way the chair will offer you with enough balance and at the same time, you will be active. If you are interested in watching some seated workouts, click here. If you still have any questions or want to know more feel free to contact me, best wishes.

  15. Hi there,
    So I had a question about physical activity. I currently work at a job where i am on my feet 8 hrs a day, so by time I get home my feet are swollen, so it makes it hard to get extra workouts in sometimes. Just wondering if you had any suggestions to help cut back on the swelling or help to reduce pain while getting in extra workouts?
    Thank you

    • Hi Betsy, many people suffer the problem you have. One suggestion I would make would be to try soaking your feet in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt when you get home from work, and this should help with the swelling and reduce the pain. I would also recommend you put orthotics insoles into your shoes which will defiantly contribute to lessening the pain of being constantly standing. Hope this helps, 😄😄😄.

  16. Great post on how to lose weight. I didn’t know that you can lose weight eating spicy food! I love spicy food so I was really pleased to read that. Green tea is something I drink every day as I have heard it is very good for you. Just like you I drink this every day and cant imagine my life without it!
    Some of the other points such as drinking water and keeping physically fit is something I try to do most days.

  17. Weight loss is so hard. I have had issues my whole life with it. This article has some great ideas and suggestions. I use most of them. Have any ideas for regaining your energy so you can go for that walk, or treadmill or something active at all? I have severe depression and have hit a wall with losing weight.

    • Very true Laurie, losing weight is very difficult, and many people have a hard time losing weight, so like many you are not alone. Pleased to see you use some of the suggestions I made in your everyday life. Answering your question I would recommend taking cold showers, eat high energy foods, and a good sleep schedule. These are just some tips that have helped the people closest to me deal with depression when trying to lose weight. Hope this helps to answer your question.

  18. Thanks, this is a very comprehensive and thought out article. I am currently working on losing a few pounds and am already using a few of your tips but the sniffing gum, green tea and sleeping in a cold environment I haven’t tried so that I will give them a go! One thing that also works for me is intermittent fasting as this seems to burn off the excess fat that I’ve been storing. Do you know much about the OMAD diet? All the best and look forward to more of your posts.

    • Hey Nathan, glad you were able to learn new tips to help you lose weight. I am currently not informed with what the OMAD diet is but will do some research and see what I can find, always love learning new things.

  19. Sniffing gum! Haven’t heard of that one. I think we’re all inundated with weight-loss strategies and it’s nice to see so many good ones in one list, and I also appreciate the summary you provided. This is a good reminder for me to get back on the green tea!

  20. Some people think that to lose weight, all you have to do is go to a gym, but it is not entirely true. There are so many ways to lose weight. Taking the steps instead of the elevator, riding and walking, etc.

    • Very true Derwin, losing weight is not as simple as going to the gym. I realize that not many people in this current generation are active, most people spend most of their days inside, barely getting any physical activity. And even when people are active it is not enough, that is why we must aim to be active like our ancestors used to be, happy to see you realize that.

  21. I Have never put on weight, now it all makes scene its down to a lot of the above that I have always done, drinking green tea, sleeping at least 8 hours a night and running as a hobby. I do know that losing weight needs to be a change in life style like above and not another fad diet.

    Many thannks

    • Right on James, a healthy lifestyle will last much longer than a diet, glad you understand that.

  22. Excellent post. I really believe in the mental side of it. You must mentally be able to endure whatever works to get that metabolism stoked. I am 57 and still weigh what I weighed in high school because I am a physical activities nut. Bike riding, daily workouts and eating right as well. The sleeping in the cold, I’m not sure if I would like that one. But hey if it works use it.

    • Wow Ronnie, very happy to hear as many people are not as fortunate as you.

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