What Are The Benefits Of Green Tea? – (5 Proven Benefits)

Green tea simply put is SENSATIONAL!

I want to share with you, what are the benefits of green tea?

Tea has been around for centuries. It is a sweet alternative to the common sugar packed carbonized sodas and coffee that dominate our country.

But outside of the US, tea is the second most popular drink in the world only water ahead of it. There are many different flavored teas on the market, all of which are of great benefit to the human body, but one in particular stands above in terms of health.

Green tea has many hidden benefits within it, and regular consumption can help lead to weight loss and a slimmer figure. This article is going to go over the main health benefits green tea has to offer.

Want to have a look at the history of Tea? Take a look.

What Has Green Tea Done For Me?

To start off with, a few years ago when I was considered “overweight,” a friend of mine introduced me to green tea. I was young and had no interest in the tea but I decided to do some research on its benefits and it hooked my interest.

I later took a trip to my nearest Costco and bought it in bulk (this will save you a ton of money). Today, I just buy in bulk online from Amazon it is more convenient for me, as my nearest Costco is thirty minutes away.

If you are interested and want to check out the product click here. The brand I use is Bigelow. It is the best brand out there if you ask me, (but don’t tell their competitors).

My Bigelow green tea box

Ever since being introduced I’ve made green tea a regular part of my routine. I brew myself a cup every morning, as well as every evening a couple hours before I go to sleep.

If you don’t know how to brew your tea, watch this video.

Initially, the tea’s effects weren’t very noticeable, I felt the same, but in time the tea started to make its presence known.

After about a month I saw a difference in my weight every time I stepped on the scale. Two months later I weighed myself for the first time and I had lost three pounds just from adding the tea to my diet.

I wasn’t doing anything else to lose weight. I didn’t change my eating habits or start dieting, the only thing that I changed in my lifestyle was drinking green tea, and that’s all it took!

I want to share this experience with you. Let me explain the 5 proven benefits of drinking green tea.


1. A Faster Metabolism Rate!

Green tea has several antioxidants that help your body, however, one, in particular, can directly increase your metabolism and help speed up the fat burning process. Catechin is a “natural phenol,” in other words a chemical compound.

Your metabolism is what dictates how fast you burn fat and absorb nutrients. With a boosted metabolism and a solid workout routine, the fat should burn off in no time!


There have been many studies done to prove this is legitimate, to find out more information click here.

Metabolism burning list

 2. Green Tea Can Prevent Cancer?

While there is not significant research conducted on this claim, there is still strong evidence that the antioxidants found in green tea can slow down the spread of cancer cells.

Catechins are the best source in preventing cancer. They contribute to diminishing the expansion of breast, colon, and liver cancer cells.

Like most people, I find cancer terrifying but am also hopeful that with the advancing rate of medical research, in the next five to ten years cancer will be curable. However, that time hasn’t come yet, and if I knew that green tea could help counter cancer, I would have started to drink it earlier.

However, only time will tell, and in the meantime, if green tea can counter cancer, then it would probably be a good time to start stocking up on it.

I consider green tea to be one of the super drinks of the world. Knowing that one beverage contains this many benefits, it is no wonder it has been around for millenniums.

No cancer button

3. Have Digestion Problems? 

All while green tea is boosting your metabolism and supplying your body with cancer-fighting antioxidants, it can also go just as long a way in keeping you regular.

How Does It Work?

Drinking green tea reduces intestinal gas and acid levels, and can also treat many common digestive disorders if you already have them.

The two most common IBD’s (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) that green tea helps to aid are Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. It also works to relief diarrhea and constipation. which can be very unpleasing. Save yourself from the misery. Now you know what can help prevent those painful experiences in the future.

Which can be very unpleasing. Save yourself from the misery. Now you know what can help prevent those painful experiences in the future.

By adding a glass or two of green tea to your diet every day you should notice a difference in your stomach and be a lot happier.

Digestive appareil

4. High Blood Sugar Levels? Don’t Worry.

Drinking green tea is said to help stabilize your blood sugar levels, which is ideal for people who have diabetes, or just want to have healthy levels in their body.

With all the sugar filled foods and drinks on the market today, green tea is a nice way to help counteract some of the sugar we take in every day without even noticing.

Diabetes is a personal issue for me because my mom has it, and through her experience, I have learned first-hand how difficult it can be to live a life where you have to hyper vigilante of the foods you eat.

It is HORRIBLE, and like cancer, there is no cure, these diseases can take so much out of life for both us and those we’re closest too.

While there are many actions, you can take to prevent these diseases, just knowing there is a drink out there that can help me live a healthier life isn’t enough, but it is far better than nothing.

Blood Glucose Testing

5. Hydration Is Key!

Hydration is the key benefit you get when you drink any liquid.

It is often told that green tea dehydrates the body because it contains caffeine, but boy is that WRONG!

Drinking tea is actually better for you than drinking water. Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it’s got two things going for it.

-Doctor Carrie Ruxton of the Kings College in London

In fact, drinking green tea works to hydrate you just as much as water, and has all the health benefits above plus more.

Being hydrated will improve your life without you even realizing it. Being hydrated does so many good things for you, it helps your muscles, so you don’t cramp up. At the same time, it keeps your skin clear of acne, best of all it will even help flush toxins out of your body.

Green tea not only gets rid of fat, but it also gets rid of toxins.

So if for some reason you don’t like drinking water and still need caffeine in the morning, then YOU KNOW what the substitute is (green tea).



Green tea can be considered a “Miracle Drink” in some sort with all the benefits and helpful things it adds and does to your body.

From metabolism boosts to hydration, blood sugar stabilizing and cancer preventing, green tea is a great drink to add to your everyday life that will make you look great, and make you feel great!

So It doesn’t matter if you like your drink hot or iced, just drink it already, it’s way better for you than that coffee in the mornings or the soda during meals.


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Now one last message.

Become Better At Being You.


  1. Now it’s getting hot, so what I do is I take green tea or other tea, brew it, and add lots of ice cubes and maybe some sugar.

    As far as I know, all the health benefits are still there, right? 😀

    And it’s definitely better than soda or sugary packaged iced tea!

    • Hey Ben,

      I feel you this summer is going to be very hot where I live. Also, Yes all the health benefits will still be there.

  2. Wow. Those are some pretty impressive weight loss results you have there. I knew green tea was good for the metabolism, but I didn’t realise it was that good! Tell me, do you get the same health benefits from drinking green tea with a flavour? It tastes kinda like grass clippings to me on its own, I usually go for a quality brand flavoured with lemon – is this still good?

    • Hey, Shirley, yes drinking lemon flavored green tea is fine you can even add some honey into the mix. It does taste a whole lot better than just pure green tea. So in the end, it depends on taste preferences, but I didn’t experience any differences in the benefits.

  3. Love green tea and your page is beautiful! So much good information and product placement! Looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Deep!
    I agree that Green Tea is a miracle drink.I never thought before that tea was better to drink than water. Since I have read it here I gave it a thought and yes I agree.
    I used a lot of herbal tea but not usually Green Tea, now that I have read your post I am convinced that Green Tea is good for me so I will start to use it again.
    Do you think drinking Green Tea will help me to sleep better at nights?

    • Hi Luna, I am glad you found the post to be helpful. Answering your question, I wouldn’t recommend green tea right before you go to sleep because it has come caffeine in it. That’s why I mentioned when I brew a cup at night I usually do it one to two hours before I go to sleep to avoid it from keeping me up.

  5. Great information, great article! Of course, I know that green tea is good for our health, but you put these benefits so nicely together. Sadly, I don’t like green tea, but I heard that white tea also has many benefits.
    Thank you for this article!

    • I am glad you liked the article, Linda. Also, I do agree with you white tea also has many benefits, all tea, in fact, has many advantages. I plan to write on those subjects in the future, but to me, green tea stood out as the most beneficial.

  6. Wow, I didn’t realize all the health benefits from Green Tea. I’m very impressed. Is there any time during the day that is better? For example, breakfast. I’m just wondering if green tea keep me up at night if I drink it later in the day because of the caffeine?

    • Hey, Ralph, like I mentioned anytime is a great time to drink tea. However, I have a cup in the morning when I wake up because our bodies are very dehydrated in the mornings because we just went about 7 to 8 hours without drinking water. Plus drinking green tea in the morning will help boost our metabolism rate even greater. It is ok to drink it at night as long as you do it 1 to 2 hours before you go to sleep because you are right green tea does have caffeine but not substantial amounts.

  7. I have been drinking green tea since I was a high school student. I cannot be going the daily chores without a cup of green tea. Green tea addict.

  8. Thanks for this really interesting post!
    Despite green tea being so beneficial, are there any harmful impact or side-effect green tea can cause to our body?
    Is there any recommended consumption amount for adult per day? (I believe nothing should be consumed in excess no matter how beneficial is it, right?)

    • No problem I am glad you enjoyed the post, Jerry.
      To answer your question yes there are side effects to green tea, just like there are pros and cons to everything in life. However, with green tea, the pros outweigh the cons, just like many positive things in life.
      The recommended consumption for an adult daily would be 2 to 3 cups of green tea. This is not considered as an excess because you should be drinking much more liquids than just 2 to 3 cups a day.
      I hope I was able to answer your questions if not let me know so I can reclarify myself.

  9. Informative article. Encourages me to drink it for medicinal reasons. The lack of strong flavor is my obstacle (I’m a coffee lover).

  10. great read! I enjoy reading new posts about healthy substances that can be put into our body. I have been drinking green tea for the last 2 years and it makes me feel great. I have more energy throughout the day and just have an overall better feeling. Plus all the benefits of preventing cancer! that alone is a sell to me.
    I’d be interested in knowing what other teas out there can have healthy benefits.

    • That is why green tea goes great, glad you understand the importance of green tea Tyler. Some other teas I drink are fennel tea, and chamomile tea, both are great and also offer many health benefits.

  11. Because of bulking period I eat a lot, and I actually had some digestion problems lately. I try some vegetables and fruits, but I never tried green tea. I will also try it too. Considering my situation is there a best time to drink it? Should I drink it after my workout or before?

    • Furkan, I would recommend you drink a cup of green tea in the morning when you wake up for the best results. However, you can drink green tea at any point of your day, just make sure not to drink green tea an hour before you go to sleep. As for the workout, I would recommend drinking the green tea BEFORE your workout.

  12. You are right! Green Tea is one of the best things you can drink for your health. I drink Green Tea with Ginger for an upset stomach, Green Tea with Honey and Lemon for a cold, and Green Tea with just honey instead of using sugar!

  13. Very great information you shared here. I do like to drink green tea, but my issue with it is it has caffeine in it (which I don’t do well with). So I drink mine early in the morning to make sure it is out my system by night time. I have tried the decaffeinated green tea and did not like it at all. Other than that, green tea definitely boosts your metabolism and keeps you alert.

    • Yes, green tea does have caffeine, but it is nowhere close to the amount found in coffee, I am glad to see you understand this that is why you drink your green tea in the morning, like me. Pleased you enjoyed the post, Udoh.

  14. You have an excellent page, and I like that you are talking about alternative ways to help our health. Visiting a doctor is not the way to rid yourself of health problems, it’s the way to mask the problem as you continue to suffer. My sister has been a genetic engineer for close to 20 years, and I know for a fact, a gene therapy for cancer was discovered over a decade ago, and it is very efficient. However, it is not something the government is interested in exploring. They gave approval for it to be tested, but no funding and they have done nothing with the results but ignore them. As long as the big pharmacy is padding people’s pockets, we will continue to live in a country where people remain ill until they take their health into their own hands. Keep posting and educating others on the wonders of nature and how we can help ourselves. People did it for thousands of years, why is it so hard now? We just don’t know what we need to know.

    • Very well put Keli. I totally agree with you, a lot of these big health companies are driven by making profits on products that act as a temporary fix, and those that are trying to correct the problem often go unnoticed.

  15. I love this article! I’ve been slowly cutting down on coffee for the past 6 months and just haven’t been able to go all the way and dump it completely, but if I can replace it with green tea that may do the trick. Thanks!

  16. I had UC until 16yrs ago & had to have an ileoanal pouch. I have been trying to find natural products to keep what I have calm! never thought of green tea. I will defiantly give it a go.

  17. Whenever I feel any cramps in my stomach, I drink green tea with fresh mint, and directly I feel much better, this is what I love about it.
    And I loved that it improves the metabolism, we all need that, we need our fat to get melted.
    Thank you green tea, and thank you for writing this interesting article.

    • Pleased to see green tea has benefited you in your life and the issues such as cramps that you were dealing with, glad you enjoyed Rawan.

  18. Green tea was a favorite of mine as a student teacher. Kept me alert and stimulated with the kiddos! Great read.

  19. A wonderfully informative and detailed article! I battle weight on and off and it is nice to find useful help info for a change! Keep up the great work!

  20. Hey! Green tea is great although I have to be careful as I can’t have any caffeine. Even though it’s a small amount in green tea I still have to monitor how often I drink it. It sometimes can help when I have a migraine though!

  21. In a visit to Tokyo I took a walking tour through a street market and got to brew some legit green tea. I love it! You can almost instantly feel how good it is for you. Thanks for this detailed post. I enjoyed it.

    • Will have to try some green tea whenever I visit Tokyo, thanks for letting me know, and glad you enjoyed the post, Eric.

  22. Good afternoon Deep,

    I have enjoyed your post as I am also into Health(y) things. Your article clearly showed me the benefits of green tea, never knew it could be so healthful for me.

    Regards, Taetske

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