10 Terrifying Foods To Stay Away From To Lose Weight

Dieting is often the harder half of the weight loss process. 

Trust me I know, how PAINFUL it can be to resist the foods we love, but know are harming us.

Sacrificing the foods we have always found great comfort can be an agonizing yet a necessary step to improving our health and fitness so that you can lose your unwanted weight.

For those looking to lose weight, it is critical that you be aware of what you are putting into your body.

Not only must you be aware, but you must also be willing to make those hard decisions about what NOT to put into your body.

These are just 10 terrifying foods you should stay away from if you want to lose weight.

And don’t worry if you are eating these foods, I’ll tell you how you can IMMEDIATELY start to improve your diet. 

Keep in mind, you don’t need to completely cut these foods out for the rest of your life, they should be avoided on a day to day basis, but can still be enjoyed in small amounts on rare occasions.

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1. Oh no, not Pizza, anything but that.

vegetables italian pizza

Sorry but yes, good old delicious Pizza must be filtered out!

Look I understand that Pizza is the ultimate party food or perfect for those days when no one wants to cook food, so everyone pitches in some money to get some Zza. But, you have to realize it is also the ultimate LAZY food.

We can have it hand delivered to us, or throw it into our ovens, it is one of the easiest foods to acquire and consume, but it takes a serious toll on our health.

Zza can be hard to avoid as it is just about everywhere, but one must exercise their will power and not consume it if they are looking to lose weight.

Let’s face it, you and I both know Pizza is DELICIOUS and can keep our stomachs satisfied for an extended period of time.

However, it is very high in calories, fats, carbohydrates, and sodium. Consumption of pizza can double the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and many fatal diseases (not pleasant).

Now listen I know what you are thinking, and yes you can occasionally have one slice everyone once in a while, but DO NOT make this a regular habit.

2. Wanna grab drinks? No, I’m good.

cold light alcohol glass

Simple as that.

I know most of us have been in, a situation, where after a long day at work you and your co-workers head over to a bar and grab drinks.

This is ok in moderation, but when you start making this a weekly or multiple times a week habit, it is NOT ok.

As if cutting out the ultimate party food wasn’t enough, the decision to cut alcohol out of one’s diet may seem like the elimination of fun from one’s diet altogether; however, it can make a BIG difference in your state when trying to lose weight.

I know most people have heard of beer bellies, and sadly they are a real thing that can occur if you don’t watch yourself.

The thing is, alcohol contains lots of calories because it is made by fermenting and distilling natural sugar or starch.

The calories found in alcohol are known as empty calories as they have NO nutrition value.

This is why excess consumption leads to weight gain, usually in the belly.

It also increases blood pressure, damages the heart muscle and potentially plays a role in the development of several cancers, such as breast, colon, liver, and mouth.

So as it is ok to celebrate with alcoholic beverages, do not abuse the word “celebration,” by turning every day into a celebration.


Sugary beverage drinks

Let me just began with saying, WATER. That is one the only liquids you should be drinking.

Look I get it, sugar tastes great in all of these sodas, energy drinks, juices, but sugar though it seems friendly will easily betray you.

All these sugary drinks are NOT good for your health (no duh), so watch yourself.

They contain excessive amounts of sugar (no duh) which increases the blood sugar level.

These drinks are also high in calories and when consumed do not compensate for their high caloric content by eating less food.

Consuming a large amount of sugar leads to serious diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes (not pleasant).


Fried potato chips

Yes French Fries, Hash Browns, Tater Tots, and any other potato variances that I missed do count in “Fried Potatoes.”

Listen I too felt the pain you are possibly feeling right now, but it is for the greater good, so make sure you toughen up.

The fact is White Potatoes are healthy (Red Potatoes are healthier) when consumed boiled and not fried.

Whereas those fried potato chips are high in calories, which is no good (duh). Consuming them in excess will make an individual more prone to gain weight, not something most people strive for.

French fries and potato chips are very popular among teenagers, and it is extremely hazardous to their health.

These foods are rich in trans and saturated fats which raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type two diabetes (not pleasant).

Most people if not often have at least once, sat down on the couch with a bag of chips and before you know it the bag is half empty, or even worse completely empty. NOOO!!

What just happened?! How did I just finish this WHOLE bag without realizing?

Those are just some of the questions you start asking yourself, and on top of that, you most likely felt awful after you came to the realization of what just happened.

The truth is I can relate as that used to be me, so listen carefully get rid of those bags of chips, no longer will they stay on your path to losing weight.


Various breads and grains

I love bread, more importantly. I love making sandwiches, such as a BLT, and even PB&J, do you?

I am going to assume you are thinking yes, as there is no way of telling since I am currently not talking to you, but don’t get me wrong not everyone enjoys bread and that is ok.

So the two most common types of bread you see in your local grocery store, are White and Wheat.

The thing with White Bread is that it is not good for your health because it is high in carbohydrates and can spike blood sugar levels. In turn, a significant consumption of this food will result in weight gain.

Not to mention it also contains a lot of gluten, which is something many people are sensitive to.

On top of that, White Bread is equally bad for both people who are diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity and those who are not.

In the case of other variations of bread, the grains found in them can cause weight gain as well since they too contain a similar amount of carbs and sugar.

Bread can also in some cases provide excess quantities of grains and fiber in one instance as opposed to a spanning serving over the course of a day.

Listen, no you don’t have to get rid of bread altogether, you shouldn’t.

However, be careful. By not watching the amount of bread you eat, more importantly, the carbs you consume while eating it you are at a higher risk of gaining those unwanted pounds that you want to lose.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to conventional bread try Ezekiel bread It is full of healthy benefits.


chocolate and candy bars

Wow! So do I. But, I must resist the dark temptation.

Why? Because like the foods above Chocolate is a high-calorie food. Which means consuming too many calorie-dense foods can lead to OBESITY.

In chocolates and candy bars you will find a high amount of saturated fat, no bueno. This is a type of fat that can increase the risk of heart disease.

The saturated fat increases your levels of LDL cholesterol which is known as bad cholesterol. Since the foods are also high in sugar content, low in vitamins and minerals, it is one of the least efficient uses of calories there is.

Chocolate is one of those foods that can be hard to replace, and you probably won’t find anything else that fulfills that same type of temptation.

However, Fruits and Oats certainly don’t fit the same bill as chocolate but can at times provide a welcome sweetness that you can develop your own love for.

Of course, it’s not chocolate, it’s no replacement, but then again there really isn’t a substitute for chocolate in this world.

So, instead, make candy bars and chocolate a once in every couple of months treat. It will make it that much more special knowing it only comes around once in awhile, and you don’t have to feel guilty after enjoying it.


Ice cream sundae

I know Ice Cream is one of the most loved desserts, trust me I KNOW.

Unfortunately, though, it is yet another classic sweet treat that must be resisted.

Yeah, this list isn’t getting any easier but like all the other foods above, knowing it can only be enjoyed once in awhile won’t hurt your process to losing weight.

Instead, it will only help make it that much more special when you earn it after weeks or months of positive progress.

However, the avoidance of Ice Cream is even more important than avoiding Chocolate.

Why? Because It is far less healthy and counts toward a lot more calories as it is often high amounts of fat (saturated), sugar, and other chemicals.

So consuming too much of the delicious dessert will contribute to health problems such as weight gain, increased levels of cholesterol and cavities (none of which are pleasant).

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to eating, try Greek Yogurt which is low in sugar and fats. It can also provide more protein and energy all while still being a sweet cold and comforting dairy based product.


Cookies, pastries, and cakes

Yes, we’ve actually done it, we have encouraged you to remove all real desserts from your daily life. If you don’t hate us for it, hear us out.

Of all the desserts already mentioned these are the MOST IMPORTANT to avoid.

They contain the same amount of sugar and fat as the ones above. On top of all that, they have additional carbs, butter, sodium and unnecessary oils that are going to keep you from losing weight.

Cakes, cookies, and pastries also contain artificial trans fat which is very harmful and is associated with many fatal diseases.

They are also high in calories, low in nutrients, and are packed with unhealthy ingredients like refined flour and added sugar, which does not satisfy hunger.

If you eat these foods often then cutting them out of your daily life will already be a huge step toward losing weight, and you may notice results after only a few weeks of avoiding them.

I believe in you, RESIST THOSE CRAVINGS!


Processed cheese

Cheese is amazing tastes great with just about anything.

But it’s deliciousness and gooeyness isn’t the best idea for those looking to lose weight, although it can still offer some nutritional value and energy at times.

Processed cheese is high in calories and salt. This is why regular consumption is more likely to lead to high blood pressure. If you don’t monitor the amount of cheese you eat, you are more likely to overeat it, develop heart disease, and even increase your weight.

If you don’t monitor the amount of cheese you eat, you are more likely to overeat it, develop heart disease, and even increase your weight.

There are also several types of chemicals in processed cheese that can affect your skin, sinuses and sleeping patterns. If you truly love cheese, then it can be consumed on a somewhat regular basis if you are choosing the right kind.

Parmesan is the lightest of cheeses with a much lower calorie density than the typical cheddar and mozzarella.

On the contrary, cream cheese is the heaviest, and also contains extra sodium and should be avoided on a daily basis.

And finally, all the processed cheese that you find taking the form of pre-packaged sticks and slices should be avoided altogether.

It simply isn’t worth it.


Salad dressing bottle

Salads can be one of the healthiest and best-tasting cornerstones of any diet.

However, it is important to remember when a salad stops being a salad.

Many times non-vegetable content will be added to a salad to enhance its appeal. Of these many salad detractors, the most common and detrimental additions will be the dressing.

Now some dressing like a simple splash of Olive Oil, Vinegar, or Vinaigrette can enhance the flavor of a salad without turning it into a bowl of mac and cheese.

If you are looking for more dressings that can enhance the flavor of your salad without forfeiting its status as a salad, click here.

The Caesar and Thousand Island dressings should be avoided in favor of lighter dressings as mentions above, but should all be used in moderation nonetheless.

What You Should Do Next

Look I get it, most people will claim they enjoy at least one if not more of the foods listed above.

Also, most people will probably claim to have eaten at least one of those foods in the past month.

Well, If you are trying to lose weight then you should NOT make those foods a habit.

However, do enjoy the deliciousness every once in awhile, it is ok.

If you have a hard time committing to that, I would recommend you learn how to keep track of your calories.

By keeping track of your calories you are one the FIRST STEP to losing your unwanted weight.

Check out this neat post we did on calorie counting (step by step guide):

Calorie Counter To Lose Weight – (Easy To Follow)


Let’s Wrap It Up

Avoiding certain foods can be as EASY as finding a new hobby.

We often look to foods in times of boredom, for the flavors to stimulate us.

Keeping busy and assigning our minds to other things can help prevent us from turning to food to stimulate us, and we can go back to treating it for what it’s supposed to be, nourishment.

The hardest part about changing eating habits is always starting.

Your desire to eat healthily will manifest itself once you start to change your habits and you will find solace and self-fulfillment in those changes.

Start making those changes, RIGHT NOW.

Leave out the stuff you don’t need, RIGHT NOW.

Now before you leave, don’t forget to…

Become Better At Being You.




  1. An excellent article you have here. Sadly, a lot of the foods on this list are soooo good and tempting… but I agree with you. If you are trying to lose weight these foods should not be going into your belly!

  2. This info is great since I went to the doctor I was told to make a life changing choices of my food intake and this is the type of info I need to get on track.

  3. I try to avoid alcohol because I think that it really lowers the “I don’t really need that pizza, chips, chocolate, etc. Thresholds mentioned above to very rarely if at all. I find that I don’t really crave them anyways but once I start it sort of triggers me to want more…

    • Many people can definitely relate to what you said, Andrea. We must stay strong though because once you start eating something tasty it can be hard to stop sometimes.

  4. Hi there,
    Cool post. I’ve met many people who want to lose weight but they can’t change the food they eat every day for some reason. I do believe that in order to lose weight you’d want to create a healthy habit. Once it becomes your habit, diet and losing weight will become easier. Thanks for your knowledge!

    • Hey Kien, glad you enjoyed the post. Yea, eating right is a big factor in losing weight.

  5. Wow, you just listed all the foods that I eat all the time — and feel guilty afterward without fail!

    Though pizza is something I’ve been able to resist. It just gives me stomachaches all the time, and until recently I ate it anyways 😀

    I didn’t know salad dressing is bad. You’d think that if you’re eating “salad” it is healthy, but not at all.

    • It is ok, Ben at least now you know, you should be staying away from the foods listed above, especially if you want to lose weight. Overeating Pizza, not something I would recommend like you have already experienced it can cause stomach pains. I am glad now you know salad dressing isn’t great to have with a salad but, there are healthier alternatives out there if you are a big fan of dressing.

  6. I think the top ten list is right on the spot. For me, I try to employ a strategy in losing weight because I believe it is rather impractical for a person to cut off all these at once. For example, I would probably start by keeping my pizza (if I love it dearly) and go on a water diet.

    • Yes, Derwin, that approach would help, but it would also take more time, but it is a great starting method for beginners who aren’t ready to give up everything.

  7. I have been looking to shed a few extra pounds and know that I need to cut out like 6 of 10 of these! Ah, I feel like such a bad eater! I have such a weakness for pizza, cookies, ice cream, and chocolate. You are inspiring me to follow my healthy eating and cut out these terrifying foods!

    • Very pleased to see our post could help inspire you, means a lot Bailey thank you. We believe in you.

  8. Thank you for the amazing information here. You actually motivate me to change my eating habits. A proper diet with tons of nutritional value is very important to live a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t agree more.

  9. Hi Deep, Great article! I know it can be hard to lose that stubborn weight and sometimes we have to leave behind some really good foods. I’m pretty sure we can easily leave behind the processed cheese. What would you recommend as a good replacement for pizza? It’s one of my fav’s. Do you think that smaller portions work instead of giving up a certain food altogether?

    • Work on reducing your craving for pizza in general. Try not to think about it to much because trying to replace it will only make you want it more.

  10. Definitely very interesting to read and the imagery really introduces us to how the ideas are presented for each section straight to the point advice about dieting and foods to eat and avoid. It also is written in a way that cuts it down to the truth of the matter rather than beat around the bush which is just great as it helps people realize they have to take position on the heath side of things.
    Images go really eat with the white background And it really is also advice I would give as I am pretty much a very healthy eater lol.

    All the success you ever desire to achieve through WA

    Roc F.

  11. Great post, very informative, short and enjoyable to read! Ok i admit it i love Pizza! but that’as basically the only thing i enjoy on this list! i try to eat pizza once every two weeks! is that ok?

    • Pizza once every two weeks is fine as long as you are avoiding the other items on this list more frequently.

  12. Great list! And this explains why I’m feeling better than ever – I’ve pretty much cut out all of these foods!
    The only one I’m sorry about is the pizza. I hit a certain point in my life and realized that pizza just didn’t agree with me at all. Lol.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Pizza certainly isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

  13. It seems like all the foods on this list are the good foods! And they are the foods that I enjoy. But I understand the importance of limiting these foods in my diet if I want to lose weight and I would surely do that. I don’t know if I would be able to cut them out wholly but I will limit my intake. Thanks for this post.

  14. Great post, I think this is the hardest thing to do when trying to lose weight… stay away from all this delicious food is very difficult

  15. You have listed the top 10 items I love to eat/drink lol. Think with losing weight and eating it about portion control and finding the balance. If you cut everything out completely you will end up crashing and back where you started.
    Thanks for the great article

  16. Hi jaxon, WOW you listed a lot of foods that quite a bit of us eat but I have to agree with you. Eating healthy is very important and I have started doing this for a couple months now and I feel absolutely amazing! I will keep off this list, thanks again!

    • Yep, some of the most important foods to avoid can be the most common, but avoiding doesn’t mean cutting them out completely, just avoid with regularity to improve your health.

  17. Nice article and very informative. I think the food you list are delicious and very difficult to refuse it. But that what we willing to do to stay healthy. the salad is not good like we think. Thanks for the food lists.

    • No problem, resisting the things we love most can be the hardest part of dieting.

  18. It is very difficult to change the eating habits, but when you do change to a much healthier diet you will start losing weight naturally. All the foods you mentioned are processed food, the best thing to do is to stick to the most naturally food you can buy and leave behind all kind of dressings, toppings and dips like mayonnaise.

    • Exactly, we should stick with what nature gave us. Processed foods come with all types of problems that our bodies don’t need to deal with.

  19. Great tips as usual man! I’m fortunate enough to not consume at least 5 out of the 10 foods you mentioned above. As for the rest, I only consume them very occasionally.

  20. Wow!! You pretty much cut out all my food!! Especially Ice Cream!!
    Good Job with this!!

  21. Interesting article. Too bad I just can not not eat Pizza!! Everything else I can do except for that one 🙁
    I really want to be healthier and loose weight so I guess I might have to work on this….

    • It can be tough but the longer you go without pizza, the less you will crave it trust me.

  22. This article is soooo true, thanks for the reminder. My biggest issues is Pizza, boy do I love it. Do you think I can still include it in my diet if I make it from scratch? Weight Watchers sells pizza, and there is a recipe, oh please say yes! Lol!

    • Pizza can still be included in your diet, just try to avoid it more frequently than not. “Healthy” pizza is usually not that much healthier than normal pizza but making it from scratch can ensure that you aren’t using processed ingrediemts. Just try to eat it in small portions on very rafe occasions.

  23. Too bad that most of my faves show up on the list. However, what you have written is so true. Usually, I am a very healthy eater, but two days ago I got home late, grabbed a pizza on the way, pigged out along with a can of pop – the first time in probably a year. I felt horrible the rest of the night! Thanks for your article.

    • It is ok, to occasionally enjoy a slice or two, but just make sure you don’t make it a regular habit. On the other hand, I haven’t had soda or any sugary beverages in about five to six years, crazy, yeah, only water. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the post.

  24. I’m currently on a 5-month plan to get my weight down for lowering my blood pressure and also so I can slip into a nice suit for my Brother’s wedding. 🙂

    However, the only problem is, with so much unhealthy tempting food around, it makes it difficult to diet and eat the right foods. Sometimes all it takes is a single biscuit or a donut to push us down the unhealthy road because once you’ve had one sweet thing, you want more of it.

    Oh, man!!! I can’t believe pizza was the first bad food to avoid on your list. It’s like the best food ever! But I guess when you think about the toppings and how much unhealthiness goes into a pizza, I can see why it’s a #1 enemy.

    There really is so much tempting food on this page. *SIGH*

    But to lose weight, we must make sacrifices. However, I do still eat chocolate but it’s only dark chocolate (85% cocoa) at the moment because it has a number of health benefits, with weight-loss being one of them.

    I think if we make sacrifices and stay disciplined with our diets, it’s not gonna hurt to reward ourselves with the occasional pizza, etc.

    Thanks for the highlighting the wrong foods to keep at arm’s length for shedding those pounds.


    • Hey, Neil, to begin with, I believe you will reach your goal keep on pushing through even when times can get tough. Trust me, most people and even me can relate one tempting food leads to another and before you know it you are bloated. I am learned from those mistakes and haven’t done something like that in a long time. It allows me to control my mind and thus eat no more than I need to. I definitely agree with you on the Dark Chocolate. It is a great substitute for the regular Chocolate and Candy bars. Altogether, glad you enjoyed the post.

  25. Well, I pretty much knew this, and sadly we all eat this kind of food. I know it’s not good to eat this sort of food all day every day especially if you’re trying to lose weight but this is a good read. I learn a lot of new facts.

  26. Hello, thank you for this great article, very informative. We definitely need to cut out all of these foods not only to lose weight but to be healthy and feel great too.

    Kind regards.


    • No Problem Dean, glad you found the post to be helpful and packed with beneficial information.

  27. Some of these foods were pretty obvious to me but I have to admit I was pretty sad about the pizza :(… I guess I had brain washed myself into thinking it had all the 4 food groups. Great post!!

  28. You are absolutely right! A lot of these foods have what I call hidden calories, like the cheese and salad dressing. People eat salad to “diet” but they load it up with cheese and salad dressing. Drinking sugared drinks give you calories you don’t even get to eat! Then your carbs break down just like sugar. Great article! Thank you!

    • Right on Angela, glad you understand that and happy to see you enjoyed the post.

  29. I want to give you a big thank you, for all the information you gave to us it was very informative and I wish this information was around when I was young as my life would have turned out quite different Well done.

    • Means a lot that you say that Chrissie, sorry this post didn’t reach you earlier, but at least now you know.

  30. This page offers some excellent advice and it was a bit of a shock to read that most of the foods I love I should not be eating! Thank you, this is very informative.

  31. Awesome article, it really hit a chord with me. Alcohol used to be my downfall – at least I have a handle on it now, but I used to drink way too much, at least a 6 pack of beer a night. That, and a change of job (to a more sedentary job) lead to a 30kg weight gain over maybe a year. Thankfully, I cut the beer, and most of what’s on your list, and have almost shed it all off again. It’s only taken about 4 years to lose it:/

    • You have lived what many of these foods can do to people, and many people can even relate. Erica, I am pleased to see you were able to take corrective action. Even though it took you four years to achieve the weight you once were, it is better than continuing those harmful habits and keep gaining weight.

  32. Wow! All of my favorites are on the list. I try to treat myself to many of these in moderation. I still probably have many of these too often. Pizza would have to top the list. I have it once or twice a week. I need an interdiction. LOL

    • Not my place to say but, yes Tony if you are looking to lose weight DO NOT have Pizza that often. It won’t help you achieve your goal(s). You can break the habit, it is possible.

  33. Great post, there are definitely some that I agree with. But in my case, I like foods like ice cream and pizza. I found that if I am careful and calculate it in my meal plan properly, I can enjoy them every now and then and still lose weight.

    • Exactly, William. Like we said above it is ok to eat these foods every once in a while, but they shouldn’t be a habit, happy to see you understand this and know how to properly incorporate some of the foods above into your meal plan and still manage to lose weight, great job.

  34. A lot of these are things I LOVE and others love, so when I am working with clients I like to help them find the healthier alternative!! You can still have pizza, just make it on an eggplant crust or a cauliflower crust and load it with lean protein and veggies!! There are also some GREAT healthy cookie alternatives you can make pretty quickly out there!! The junk food struggle is real!!

    • Interesting Abby, I have never tried eggplant, or cauliflower pizza crust didn’t even know it existed, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  35. Seriously this article pretty much explains in detail how to lose weight by cutting out some foods that we can live without but really don’t want to. Hence the massive obesity epidemic in the US and other developing nations. I am guilty of putting on some extra pounds but more importantly than losing weight is to make sure you’re getting the necessary nutrients to make your body more efficient. Great write up here!

    • Yea, David, a lot of these foods can lead to obesity, so don’t let them. Also, totally agree with you getting the right nutrients is also an important aspect in ensuring you are losing weight healthily. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  36. It is a harsh reality, but if you seriously want to lose weight then you have got to cut these foods down or out all together.It is all in the mind really, your body don’t want them just your taste buds.

  37. Excellent article =)
    I’m already avoiding the majority of the foods you have mentioned in this post but there were a few I haven’t yet avoided but I will wheel my way off them 😛


    • Happy to hear you have already factored a lot of the foods above out of your daily diet, glad you enjoyed the post.

  38. Good post. I never had a problem with weight but my other half has. I keep telling her she needs to change her eating habits. But you mentioned one that she really needs to work on and that is the sugary drinks. She can just sit up and drink soda like it is water. I will show her this post.

    • Yea Ronnie, soda is not a joke, not something you should be “drinking soda like it is water,” the only drink that you should be doing that with is WATER.

  39. Yeah, I know it is a tough choice. And depending how I feel I feel, I may be on the YOLO side of the fence or the other more cautious one. A lot of those I do not touch at all. somethings I touch too much. It is good to have a reminder once in a while though.

    thank you for that.

  40. Hey there
    Thanks for the information!
    Most foods that taste great are the bad foods!
    Great list I will take note to stay away from!
    Thanks again!

  41. Hi! This is a good reminder to all of us. I don’t want to lose weight, but I still try to avoid all of these foods you mentioned. They aren’t good for our health. I don’t eat sugar (I try). Sometimes I eat a good chocolate or some sweets from time to time. I never eat pizza in my life, and I am glad about it. 🙂 I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t like it, and I am happy about that.
    Thank you for sharing this useful post!

  42. Great Post! I’s good to have a reminder about this. Like you said its a difficult process for most of us. But not impossible. I appreciate the “calorie-counter-to-lose-weight” post and it’s indeed easy to follow. I liked the calorie calculator (I have bookmark this one). This week I have started with raw and boiled vegetables and fish and avoiding coffee <all the cappuccinos, mochaccinos and frapuccinos).

    • Happy to hear, Dira glad you enjoyed our posts and found them to be helpful.

  43. Hi , Great to be reminded and no real surprises I guess except for number 10 salad dressing. Not sure if I can give up dressing my salad so easily!! What would you say is the best source of Carbs to replace bread? Thanks again great post. Keith

    • Hey Keith, Ezekiel Bread, Oopsie Bread, Rye Bread, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato Flatbread, and Lettuce are all excellent sources of getting carbs by replacing traditional white bread.

  44. I like the way you mention that you do not have to give up these things (I say things because they are not all “foods” really) for life, you just have to change your typical habits. Very good.

  45. You have literally taken away all my food groups, lol.

    When it comes to cutting down on alcohol, can you still drink liquor and cut down on beer. Beer is where all the calories are at, no?

    • Hey, Eric, Liquor has fewer calories than beer but still has around 70 calories for one fl. ounce, whereas one can of beer is about 154 calories. Still, both drinks have calories and not something you should be drinking as a habit.

  46. I am forever having to remind my husband that salad dressings are about 85% pre oil! nasty stuff, I’m totally hooked on a gorgeous raspberry infused vinegar at the moment that I use instead of oil based dressings. Great to see you recommend water instead of sugary drinks, not diet alternatives, all those sweeteners are terribly bad for you, water all the way or throw a slice of lemon in it and help speed up your metabolism too.

    • Hey Kate, pleased to see you know the harms that these foods can have on humans.

  47. WOW!! All my favorite foods, except for chocolate! I love pizza so much with extra cheese on it! Awesome tips on foods to avoid! I’m hoping I can do it, but you have given we something to work towards!

  48. You know when I ran across this post, I was hesitant to read it because I new it had all my favorites. And sure enough all ten foods are my favorites. However in my diet watch I have been conscious of the affect it has on the body. So I eat them in moderation. Even then I feel guilty. Now I know I am on the right track.

  49. Lossing weight is a combination of dieting and knowing the right physical exercise to embark on. The starting point to lose weight is to first consider the type of food you are eating and make the necessary adjustment.
    Any one that really wants to live a healthy life must do away with these 10 terrifying foods. Good job.

  50. Awesome Site bro!
    Many people are trying to lose weight but don’t really know what they should eat. It’s always nice to have helpful, informative posts like this presented in a easy and friendly language

    Keep up the good work!


  51. Deep, I case five out of ten isn’t good. BUY at my age I think that is pretty good. My downfalls are bread, chocolate, chips, cookies and cheese. I am not counting pizza as my partner makes ours from ingredients we know and only once every few months. In fact we had some delicious ones last night.

    Good informative post so keep them coming.


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